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2023-08-17 15:54:01

In the comprehensive transportation system and the national economy, the comprehensive transportation hub centered on the airport has always played an important role. In order to meet the construction needs of modern airports, more and more LED display products are widely used in major airports.

What is an Airport LED Display?

The LED display is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels to display various information, such as text, graphics, images, animations, markets, videos, video signals, etc. As the preferred product of the flight information display system, the LED display screen is colorful, delicate and lifelike. It broadcasts flight information for passengers, greatly improves the work efficiency and service level of internal personnel, reduces work pressure, and greatly satisfies the needs of passengers when purchasing tickets and waiting. Passengers are guided by convenient service information to board the plane safely. With the continuous advancement of technology, LED display has become one of the most advantageous airport display products due to its seamless splicing, digitization, and variety of shapes. LED display products account for an increasing proportion in the field of airport display. Due to the particularity of airport operations, the requirements for its internal airport LED display are relatively high. It is required to create a large-screen display system with high brightness, high definition, high resolution, high intelligent control, and convenient and simple operation, which can present the information of the airport’s shipping, fuel, security check, warehousing, ground, and other departments anytime and anywhere, and serve the airport production Operation and management provide a source of decision-making to meet the supervisory and management responsibilities of managers for various departments and ensure that decisions can be effectively implemented.

What is FIDS at an Airport?

A Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is a computer system used to display flight information to passengers at an airport in which the computer system controls mechanical or electronic display panels or monitors to display arriving and departing flight information in real-time. As a comprehensive information release system and platform for airport passengers, in addition to displaying flight information, it also needs to provide passenger guidance, reminders, and announcement information issued by various functional departments and on-site units of the airport as needed. A good flight information display system (FIDS) needs to be durable, legible and reliable. It must be able to provide everything from comprehensive listings of flights in large public and baggage claim areas, to flight information, destination weather forecasts, advertisements and more. Featuring wide viewing angles and a smaller pixel pitch, iDisplay FIDS displays provide clear, easy-to-read displays for travelers rushing through crowded areas. And they’re built to last, and with reliable product testing, iDisplay airport digital displays will be ready to serve your airport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Uses of Airport LED Displays:

1. For someone who has never been to an airport before, finding the airport entrance can be intimidating. However, installing LED displays at airport entrances is an excellent way to let travelers know where the airport entrance is. This is the first step in creating a seamless travel experience for passengers. 2. Entertainment: While waiting for a flight or at the airport for loved ones to return, boredom is inevitable. Airport digital displays can do a great job of entertaining. From news to other entertainment, led airport flight displays will be your source of entertainment while at the airport. 3. Advertising: Airport LED display provides excellent opportunities for advertisers. Digital advertising is the perfect way to reach your target audience. Passengers tend to make impulse purchases at the airport, making it an ideal place to market your brand. It also presents an opportunity for the airport to generate some additional revenue. 4. To help travelers find their way out, the most important purpose of the airport LED display is to help passengers find their way out. To this end, LED displays can be installed in multiple locations with directions to find your way to park, get on the road, check in, and curbside. This is very helpful for those who arrive at the airport for the first time.

Final Words

The airport LED displays can provide passengers with information preview, and provide orderly guidance for passengers’ traffic travel. Its seamless splicing, smooth and complete screen, uniform color and lifelike picture not only create an all-round display of the picture, but also enhance the overall image of the airport, and it is also a beautiful scenery in the airport. In recent years, iDisplay has actively cultivated the field of airports, devoted itself to the construction of smart airports, and continued to promote and expand the integrated overall solutions for smart airports. Its wonderful cases have spread all over the domestic and international markets and have been widely acclaimed.
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