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Commercial:indoor fixed screen-Tetris

Commercial:Shelf LED Screen-iShelf

Commercial:indoor fixed screen-Gshelf


DOOH: OOHmedia

LED Poster-iPoster V1.0

LED Poster-iPoster V2.0

LED Poster-OOHposter

About Us

iDisplay LED display manufacturer was founded in 2018 with a passion for the LED display industry. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China with a factory in Huizhou, China.

We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing LED displays for XR stages, film studios, broadcasting, retail, religious sites, educational transportation, immersive experience rooms, conference rooms, and other commercial sectors.

Also, we have extensive experience in ODM and OEM. We have completed many custom projects, such as diamond-shaped LED displays, spherical LED displays, irregular LED displays, and rotating LED displays.

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Now is the Time for XR

ImmerSiv Pro LED Wall Born for Film Production Application

Video Wall for Events with XR Technology

TUV Approved Product for Germany Theater