Chapter 2 view distance and view angle;

In this video, we’ll introduce you about view distance and view angle of led display. How to choose LED display according to the viewing distance and viewing angle this is the Channel for people who want to learn basic knowledge of led display in last Video we learned the pixel pitch is the center distance of two pixels,  and today I am going to introduce view distance and viewing angle. What is viewing distance of led screen? In Briefly, It is the distance between viewer and led display. what is optimum viewing distance/OVD.  OVD in m =2* commercial pixel pitch in mm for example P2.5, pixel pitch is 2.5mm and OVD is 2*2.5=5meter When you choose a led display, you need to know where your spectators are most likely positioned in relation to led display then you can calculate its pixel pitch according to OVD formular.

Let’s say that if the spectators are most likely in 10meters away from led display, then you can choose a p5mm led display.

What is minimum viewing distance?

It is 100times of pixel pitch, which is also 1/2 of OVD

Which means you should stay further than minimum viewing distance, then you can get a better visual experience

Viewing angle

It is the angle at which a led display can be viewed with acceptable visual experience.

What does acceptable means?

We define that acceptable viewing angle as the angle at which the luminance of image is exactly half of its maximum

The viewing angle is measured from one direction to the opposite, giving a maximum of 180° for a flat, one-sided screen.

Viewing angle formular is 2θ0.5

Θpeak is the angle between center axis to the optical axis at maximum brightness. θ0.5 is the angle between peak axis to half luminance optical axis

Nowadays, there are more and more curable screens which require a wider

viewing angle to give audience a better visual experience in different viewing angle.  so wider viewing angle is become a vital specification of led screen.