In this article we introduce quality LED display PCB board and summary PCB knowledges;

PCB is short for ‘printed circuit board’, up to 1936, Dr Paul Eisner really invented PCB manufacturing

technology and published a number of patents.

PCB including copper platinum, base materials, corvered copper plate.

There are lots kinds of base materials.

Common substrate types including:

XPC phenolic resin substrate, FR-1 phenolic resin substrate, FR-2 phenolic resin substrate, CEM-1 epoxy resin composite substrate,

FR-4 epoxy fiberglass board, other resins -BT, PI, PTFE fiber cloth/organic fiber, etc.

PCB can be classification by hardness, material, structure, to different types.

And we also introduce QC test of PCB in short in this video.

We are a Commerical Led Display Solution Provider which focus on oversea market especially Europe and America.

The company was founded in 2014 and located in Shenzhen, China. We devoted ourselves to design and manufacture led display for commercial field such as Chain store, shopping mall, theater, museum, exhibition wall, immersive experience hall, hotel, transport hub, and meeting room etc. Meanwhile, we have a lot of experience to do ODM and OEM according to the requirement.

100% of iDisplay screens were exported to oversea market while 90% were shipped to Europe

iDisplay’s product are mainly designed for retail application, the regular product are

including outdoor standee OOHposter, Outdoor front service light weight screen OOHmedia, outdoor traffic sign VMS, indoor standee iPoster, indoor fixed screen Gshelf, conference screen iConference, and soft screen iFlex etc.