Indoor fixed screen-Gshelf

Indoor fixed screen-Gshelf

iDisplay Gshelf is designed for indoor fixed installation application, such as store, shopping mall, airport, entertainment hall, meeting room etc.The beauty of this product is that it is cutting edge technology guaranteed the art of minimalism and integrating with decoration. It is a splendid product that you can keep a lot in stock and split it into various dimensions. There is module arrangement 4*1 and 3*1 for the Gshelf panel which guarantee that we assemble it like a Jigsaw puzzle, and you can have the most diverse dimensions as you want as we can get 3,4,6,7,8,9,10..... and 1,2,3,4,5,6...... module quantities in the vertical and horizontal sides.





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About Gshelf
iDisplay Gshelf is designed for indoor fixed installation applications, such as stores, shopping malls, airports, entertainment halls, meeting rooms, etc. For example, when it is used as a commercial LED screen, it can achieve real-time data feedback as an information display window. As one of the best LED display screen suppliers, iDisplay promises will offer you top quality service and the finest products.



Shopping Mall

Slim and light

The whole product is only 4cm thick, weighing 5.5kg. It is thin and light, so it's easy to install and transport, which will save freight manpower and material resources. Moreover, the design of low power consumption can save energy. 4 cm thick can save the installation area and does not affect pedestrians walking.

Easy installation and maintenance

Easy maintenance.

Unique and Smarter Design.

Better flatness & alignment.

Flat mounting on wall with structure free and 2 round ring on top level cabinets, reomable.

Video wall,to display the logo or advertisement as much as you want.

Available pixel and size

There are many available pixel,such as 1.953mm、2.6mm、2.97mm、3.91mm、4.81mm,which can meet different needs of customers in different scenarios.

There are 3 kinds of cabinet sizes which allow Gshelf to assemble into various dimension of led displays and various shapes such as flat curable,column screen etc.


Front accessible

Easy Front service.

Internal wiring is simple.

Module and all the parts front accessible

The module can be sucked out by suction cup, easy to operate, easy to disassemble and install.

The unique installation structure saves space on the site and does not require a space left behind.


Pixel Pitch1.953mm2.6mm2.97mm3.91m4.81m 
LED Configuration SMD1515SMD1515SMD2020SMD2020SMD2020
Pixel Density 275,270dot/㎡147,456dot/㎡112,896dot/㎡65,536dot/㎡43,223dot/㎡
Module size250x250mm 
Module Resolution 128x128dot96x96dot84x84dot64x64dot52x52dot 
Cabinet Size1000x250mm 

Cabinet Resolution 512x128dot384x96dot336x84dot256x64dots208x52dots 
Cabinet Weight5.5kg
IP Rating ( front/back)IP20
Scanning Mode32s32s28s16s13s 
Viewing Angle 160°/160° 
View Distance>1.9m>2.6m>2.9m>4m>5m 
Gray Scale14bit
Display Scale16.7M
Max.Power Consumption 850W/m²
Ave.Power Consumption280W/m²
  Refresh Frequency≥1920HZ
  Brightness Adjustment0 - 100 levels adjustable
  Operation PowerAC100~240 50/60HZ

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