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With the changing times, the church is not only a place for believers to gather and pray but also a preferred place for more activities. Church members will worship in church, and hold holiday celebrations, and other church ceremonies. Especially on weekends, there are many other group activities, such as choir practice, catechism classes for non-Christians, youth activities, etc., and it can even become a place for couples to get married.

Why Your Church Should Buy Church Video Walls?

Installing an indoor video wall in front of the podium and around the walls of the church can not only enhance people’s life experiences but also further strengthen their emotional connection with them.

The video wall perfectly transmits information such as images, pictures, and text to every audience at the scene, rendering the atmosphere of the scene. Provide believers with more intuitive prayer information, and at the same time add a sense of solemnity and piety to festivals, and create a romantic and warm atmosphere for church weddings.

What is a Church LED Wall?

LED display is a flat-panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels to display various information, such as text, graphics, images, animations, markets, videos, video signals, etc.

A Church LED wall is an LED display used in churches to display the content of events and meetings so that the congregation sitting behind can clearly understand the content and progress. At the same time, it can also render the atmosphere for specific festivals and events.

How to Choose the Right LED Screen for Your Church?

When choosing the right church video wall, you should be aware of your basic needs. What is the screen for? Where is it installed? What kind of environment? Budget and cost? You can make a detailed demand list in order to buy the most suitable products. Of course, you can seek support and advice from the IDISPLAY professional team.

What are You Going to Use the Church LED Screen for?

The purpose of the church video wall determines the parameters and functions of the LED screen. Generally speaking, the display screen is divided into monochrome, dual-color, and full-color display screens.

The monochrome display is generally red and can display all kinds of words, data, and simple graphics. The monochrome screen is relatively affordable and low in price, but it also has the disadvantage of monotonous color; The dual color screen can display two colors; The full-color display screen is composed of red, yellow, and green colors, which can present dynamic images such as text, data, and video.

According to the use and demand of the church video wall, different refresh rates can also be configured to improve the clarity of the picture, and different power can save energy.

Where Will You Display the Church LED Video Wall?

The installation mode of the screen can be divided into hanging, floor standing, wall mounting, double column type, and single column type.

You can choose to mount the video wall on the wall, hang it on the ceiling, or mount it on brackets, depending on where you are going to display the church LED video wall, and where the wall bearing capacity, ceiling bearing capacity, display size weight, etc.

What Kind of Environment will the Display be Housed in?

The indoor and outdoor natural environments are different, which leads to differences in factors to be considered for indoor and outdoor displays.

For example, for indoor screens, it is necessary to choose a large enough screen size and a sufficient viewing distance so that the audience sitting in the last row and the edge can easily see all the content on the screen. Compared with outdoors, viewers indoors are relatively closer to the church video wall, so a screen with a smaller pitch should be used, and the brightness requirements are lower than outdoors, too high will be very dazzling.

For the announcement screen displaying church activities outside the church building, it is necessary to choose a screen with a large pixel pitch, high brightness, strong waterproof, and fast heat dissipation, so that it can still work normally in a humid environment with direct sunlight and rain.

Budget and Cost-Effectiveness

When buying a church LED video wall, your budget is very important. Different churches need different sizes and different functions of the screen, the price will be different. Generally, the higher the display resolution, the smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer the display, and the more expensive it is.

But that doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive LED video wall. Just buy the best display for your budget and needs, because people won’t be able to tell the difference with the naked eye.

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Advantages of Getting a Church LED Wall Display

  1. Church LED wall is bright, with more than 2,000cd per square meter of brightness, whether it is day or night can clearly display the image, regardless of the impact of ambient light.
  2. It has a super high refresh rate, people are not easy to watch the screen tired, and important information is retained to take photos in HD.
  3. It can be used for more than 100,000 hours (ten years), cost-effective.
  4. The contrast and color saturation of the LED video wall are much higher than that of the projector, which can restore more realistic colors, make the display picture more real and delicate, and make the colors more vivid and saturated.
  5. Video screens for church worship, which`s the angle of view is large, the angle of view indoors can be more than 160 degrees, angle of view outdoors can be more than 120 degrees.
  6. The LED video wall energy-saving effect is significant. LED boards have lower power and better display performance than traditional displays.
  7. Multi-shapes available, slightly curved at the side of the cabinet, allowing making a smooth concave and convex, or column screen.
  8. Church LED wall supports a variety of control methods, which can be through 4G, 5G, WIFI, and USB control.


As a powerful digital media, the church LED wall brings strong visual impact and far-reaching influence. To make religious activities, festivals, and weddings more vivid, enhance people’s audio-visual experience, and become more involved in the activities.

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