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When we talk about the (extended reality) XR LED screen or (Visual effects) VFX LED wall in LED Volume we are talking about the LED Screens For Virtual Production filming shooting.

What is LED Volume?

"The LED Volume." Formally called Stagecraft, In filmmaking terms, a “volume” generally refers to a space where motion capture and compositing take place. 

LED Volume Includes VFX LED Walls and Floor and Physical Set Design. 

XR LED wall is a better shooting device than green screens because it has the advantages of high adjustable brightness and no light refraction in the virtual production market. 

"ImmerSiv Pro" provided by iDisplay is an immersive XR LED wall device, playing a pioneering role in this booming market It is predicted that the market size will reach US$209 billion by 2022, and it will reach US$393 billion by 2025.

Quality xR Screen ImmerSiv Pro for Virtual Production - iDisplay
Quality xR Screen ImmerSiv Pro for Virtual Production - iDisplay
In the last year alone Netflix has been leveraging virtual production technologies such as LED In-Camera VFX, simulcam, performance capture and real-time visualization throughout projects such as The Midnight Sky; Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey; The Irregulars; Stowaway; Love, Death & Robots; A StoryBots Space Adventure; Biohackers; and Sweet Home. Now is time to inspire your audience with immersive xR experience.
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