taxi top led display

What is Taxi Top LED Display?

Taxi top LED display is a brand new media for DOOH advertising. Integrated with an Android system card, 4G, WIFI, and GPS module, enable it to remote advertising function on phone or PC. It can be installed on taxis, buses, and other vehicles due to its lightweight and slim design.

Compared with the traditional advertising media, the taxi top LED display has the characteristics of strong mobility, wide distribution, a high effective information transmission rate, and no time and space constraints.

The taxi LED display screen, with a standardized box body, data interface, and power supply design, as well as complete product specifications and modular design capabilities, can meet users’ different software control requirements for information release, editing, and display.

With the rapid development of LED displays in recent years, taxi LED displays have been seen everywhere. However, with the gradual maturity of taxi LED display technology, the price has generally dropped a lot.

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What makes taxi media so valuable?

1. Dynamic display: You can play advertisements in text, pictures, GIF and other formats to make advertisements more attractive, bring strong impact, and make car advertisements appreciate in an all-round way.

2. Mobile broadcast: Taxi lines are not fixed, and the places of entry and exit include major business districts, business and financial districts, crowd residential areas, stations and other areas. Travel, home, business and shopping have the opportunity to be exposed to high-frequency advertising impact.

3. Low advertising cost: Taxi LED advertising is aimed at the target market of enterprises accurately. It has a large mobility, wide range, flexible and accurate brand information dissemination. Taxi LED advertising corresponds to the most active and largest consumer groups in the city. Compared with traditional mass media, it is more targeted to the audience, has the lowest cost per thousand people, and is more cost-effective.

4. Effective publicity time: 12 hours a day, nearly 400 hours a month for each vehicle.
5. Group-by-group advertising: Taxis have the characteristics of “chasing people” that any other media does not have, that is, they are usually in the downtown area and will gather a large number of people. The people or vehicles around the taxi will become the most frequently exposed to advertising information.

6. The advertising effect is outstanding: the height of the taxi LED advertising is just in harmony with the line of sight of pedestrians, which can spread the advertising information to the audience in a short distance to maximize the visual opportunity. At the same time, the advertisement is particularly eye-catching for drivers.

7. High credibility: taxis are closely related to citizens’ life, advertising communication channels are unblocked, and recognition is high.

How to install?

taxi screen solution

The taxi advertising screen can be installed with a mounting rack, which can connect the taxi screen and the car roof, with key design to prevent theft.
Before installation, you need to measure the car window distance and rain trough distance, so we can choose a suitable rack.

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