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Why The World Cup And Stadium LED Screens Become The Best Partner?

Chinese Screen Helps Qatar Intelligent Construction

It is understood that the Qatar World Cup has 64 games were held in 8 stadiums, all kinds of LED screens are almost all by Chinese enterprises. The world’s attention can be cohesive in this “Made in China” LED screen. In addition to the scoreboard on the field of play, the 5G LED light pole screen outside the field of play, the LED studio of Qatar TV, the huge LED commercial screen on the external wall of the shopping mall of Lusail New City, etc., Chinese enterprises have almost taken over all kinds of LED screens in Qatar, making this “Pearl of the Middle East” shining.

Stadium LED screens in Olympic Games Sports Events

Looking back on history, the rise of China’s LED display industry also has an inseparable relationship with international sports events. Beijing is the “City of the Double Olympics”, LED screens were also commissioned in the opening ceremony of the two Olympic Games and urban construction.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, 6000 square meters of giant LED screen scroll and carrying more than 40,000 LED beads of the dream of the five rings stunned the world.

At the Winter Olympic Games, a full LED solution was adopted for visual presentation, including 11600 ㎡ giant LED floor tile screens, 1200 ㎡ ice waterfalls, 600 ㎡ ice cubes, 143 ㎡ Olympic rings, 1000 ㎡ LED large screens on both sides of the Bird’s Nest grandstands, and 14.89 m diameter giant snowflake torch stage, which formed the world’s largest high-definition LED three-dimensional stage. It is not easy to create this visual feast of “Chinese-style romance”. From the data of the ice cube with a total weight of 400 tons, the LED special-shaped screen with a thickness of only 35 cm, the 96 small snowflakes creative double-sided screen, and more than 550000 LED beads, we can see that behind the romance is the excellent display technology and excellent visual presentation effect of the LED display. As the first large-scale event in 2022, The “Winter Olympics” has explained to us the touch and glory that too many LED displays can carry.

As time progresses, in order to further enhance the value of sports events, the sports market has put forward higher and higher performance and functional requirements for LED displays. LED display companies also continue to launch new products, apply the latest technology, meet various needs in a timely manner, and make sports events more exciting.

With the help of the LED display, the whole process and exciting moments of the sports game are displayed in high definition; the event information is presented in a timely manner; the slow-motion playback maintains the justice of the game penalty; the commercial advertisement broadcast adds to the game scene and creates more value for the game; more The multi-fan interactive content was presented, pushing the atmosphere of the game to a climax.

The emergence of LED display screens adds more elements of visualization, entertainment and commercialization to the already exciting sports events, further enhances the public’s attention to sports activities, and becomes the best partner in the sports industry.

The Classification of the Stadium LED Screens

1. Live Video Wall

A live video wall consists of many LED displays, including ceiling-mounted, curved, freestanding, etc. With the advantages of wide viewing angles and high image clarity, it can display the whole image or be divided into different windows, thus ensuring that viewers in each position will not miss every exciting shot of the live event. At the same time, it relies on the characteristics of high contrast, high refresh rate and high color reproduction, which can truly synchronize the field of play and attract potential sponsors.

2. Stadium Fence Screen

Stadium stands are generally equipped with fences, the application of fence display, not only can replace the fence in the stadium, but also can display more content on the display screen, so as to fully meet the needs of soccer, basketball and handball and other events display. In addition stadium fence screen application anti-collision design, on the one hand in the high-intensity impact can ensure stable work, in addition to the soft mask to avoid player injury.

3. Center Hanging LED Display

The center hanging LED display can be used for centralized display of game information, game score, timing information, players’ technical statistics, etc. On the other hand, it may be divided into multiple areas. On the other hand, it may be divided into multiple areas to display various statistical information, charts, animations, live broadcasts or transmissions, and can also be divided within the system to manage, release, update, etc. the screens within the entire network, interact with the audience, thus creating a live atmosphere.

4. LED Ribbon Display

As a supplement to the main screen of the stadium, LED strip display housing is strip-shaped, specially designed for the arena to play strip video, animation, advertising, box weight is light, and easy to maintain, so as to meet the requirements of different installation environments.

5. LED Bucket Screen

The square LED display located in the center of the sports venue, it meets the NBA event standards, with lift adjustable (vertical movement) function to meet the needs of the game and performance, and is regarded as a sample of LED bucket screen application by the industry.

6. Coach Lounge Small Pitch LED Display

The small pitch LED display located in the coaches’ lounge is an ideal solution for playing fast-moving sports content in close proximity, suitable for coaching tactical layout and game replay.

The Function of the Stadium LED Screens

  • The broadcast of commercial advertising to the game site, perfect picture quality, and sound effects, so that the site has more game atmosphere and shock.
  • Introduce the information of players and the real situation of the game. Super large, clear live game screen, breaking the seat limit and making it easier to watch the game from a distance.
  • Connected to the referee system, timing, and scoring system, the LED display can play the game time and score in real-time.
  • Slow-motion replay becomes more the basis for the referee to make the right decision, which maintains the fairness and impartiality of the game and reduces unnecessary conflicts.
  • Exciting scenes, slow-motion replay, and close-up shots bring a perfect visual feast to the audience.

The Features of the Stadium LED Screens

1. With a light-sensitive control system, the changes in outdoor environmental brightness automatically adjust the display brightness, energy saving, and environmental protection, greatly reducing your operating costs; and can make the audience more easily accepted.
2. Energy-saving 1/3, further greatly reducing your operating costs.
3. With a high refresh rate and high grayscale, the LED display screen is more realistic, to meet the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use.
4. With brightness, and color point-by-point correction function, the LED display screen is richer, to meet the requirements of commercial use of high visual quality.
5. The use of an efficient fiber optic transmission system, effectively reducing the stadium transmission distance and signal delay caused by the phenomenon, to ensure the consistency of the screen playback.
6. With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control a screen at the same time, when a computer problem, the other computer automatically takes over, to ensure that the display works normally
7. Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, so that the display can continue to work for you in rainy weather.
8. LED video control system with a double backup system, in the event of failure, the customer can immediately switch to the backup system.
9. Equipped with proprietary court playback software, which makes it very convenient for you to perform score management, program playback, advertising broadcast, and program schedule editing.
10. With a refresh frequency of up to 4800Hz, to meet the needs of dynamic shooting on the sports field, effectively avoiding the flicker phenomenon when shooting.
11. A new lifting structure, so that the box lifting installation can be effectively adjusted when the splicing gap.
12. All the display information can be controlled by a remote network, and the screen information can be easily changed with just a mouse click operation, thus realizing the clustering of advertising display networks in cities and regions.
13. Adopting the front maintenance design, which is convenient for later maintenance.
14. Provide customers with relevant maintenance spare parts, all of which are modularly designed for easy after-sales maintenance.
15. According to customer requirements and site environment, tailor-made the most suitable LED display solutions.

Future Development

When the LED display market entered the initial stage of the development of sports venues, its function mainly only met the needs of sports venues for timing and scoring, and even some manufacturers of LED display products can’t fully meet the needs of sports venues for timing and scoring, quality is not up to standard, not to mention meet the needs of businesses for advertising.

Now with the development of LED products continuing to have new breakthroughs, the development of environmental protection, energy saving, high brightness, high clarity, high reliability, intelligent control, and other characteristics of the LED display gradually become a new demand for future development. LED display is not only a simple hardware requirement for sports venues but also can play a beautifying role and become more relevant to people’s work and life. Therefore, the manufacturers in the design of application and technology research and development advantages also need to continue to work hard, so that the screen display effect can meet higher market requirements.

It is believed that with the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of new products of LED display will emerge in the market, bringing better, more convenient, and more energy-saving LED display to consumers. At the same time, the hardware configuration and update of sports venues will provide a space more in line with the needs of future development, and the combination of LED display to meet sports and commercial advertising will be more effective Perfect.


At present, the wonderful presentation of the World Cup let the world once again see the charm of LED display in the field of sports. Looking back, LED displays and the sports industry grow together, creating a variety of applications and value.

Looking ahead, the general environment continues to improve, countries have favorable policies to support, and LED display applications continue to expand, the combination of factors will promote the LED display in the field of sports growth again. In this context, it is believed that LED display companies will continue to lay out, tap the potential of the sports market, and continue to deliver the charm of sports to the world.

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