We are a very high focus on each process of inspection test when your led screen during production, and bring the quality report to you.
We have three parts for the test of your LED screen products to ensure when you receive the products without any problems. 1) 24 hours when we finish the SMT process of the LED module. 2) The first complete assembled LED cabinet light up and aging test; 3) 48 hours for full constructed LED screen aging test by playing the videos, single color carousel.

What is EMC test? - idisplayled supplier

EMC Test is including:

1. conducted interference voltage

2. radiation field strength

3. interference power

4. antenna terminal interferes with telephone

5. harmonic current

6. fluctuation voltage

7. RF interference voltage

8. low frequency magnetic field

9. high frequency magnetic field

10. continuous interference

11. static electricity

12. transient pulse

13. RF continuous wave

14. continuous wave conduction interference

15. power frequency magnetic field

16. pulse

17. power voltage transients

The control system of large led display screen - idisplayled supplier

The control system of large led display screen - idisplayled supplier

In this article, we show you the control system of large led display.

The pixel pitch, resolution, contrast, the gamut and depth of gray is changing smaller or bigger,

We have 5 points to explain the trends of led display.

  1. transboundary competition and cooperation,
  2. Platform and scenario,
  3. Networking and intellectualization,
  4. High integration higher chip requirements,
  5. Return to essence, visual effect is the most important.

How to make encapsulation of led DIP - Shenzhen iDisplay technology Co., Ltd

There are 8 steps to make encapsulation led dip:

  1. Solid crystal;
  2. Welding wire;
  3. Sealant;
  4. Baking;
  5. Cutting;
  6. Spectrophotometer;
  7. Packing

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