A successful LED Screen project MUST pass the quality inspection strictly at the very beginning.
How well a product turns out aesthetically, structurally and functionally at the end all depends on the quality of its starting raw materials.
Mainly, led display is made by
1.The LED module
2.The control system
3.The Cabinet.
Therefore, including the LEDs, driving IC, PCB board, the module housing, cables, control card, and the cabinet, etc.

How to test cabinets - Shenzhen Idisplay technology Co., Ltd

In this video, we show you how to test a cabinet, and you'll find what is a good cabinet.

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Shenzhen iDisplay Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Customized Solution Provider of LED display in Shenzhen, China. Commercial led display and traffic sign is our main product and meanwhile we offer ODM and OEM according to the requirement.

 We are pursuing our dream of building “iDisplay” into a world-reknowned company and brand in the field of LED applications.

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