Quality xR screen ImmerSiv Pro for vitual production - iDisplay

Quality xR screen ImmerSiv Pro for vitual production - iDisplay

In the last year alone Netflix has been leveraging virtual production technologies such as LED In-Camera VFX, simulcam, performance capture and real-time visualization throughout projects such as The Midnight Sky; Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey; The Irregulars; Stowaway; Love, Death & Robots; A StoryBots Space Adventure; Biohackers; and Sweet Home. Now is time to inspire your audience with immersive xR experience.



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About ImmerSiv Pro

iDisplay, a pioneer manufacture of VFX led wall, we help our customer to approach virtual production by using the cutting edge technology of LED volume since 2020. ImmerSiv Pro is a preferable and latest product for virtual production as it combined the wisdom of iDisplay product managers, designers, senior engineers who ever worked in ROE, Glux etc. Its profound design is a great merge of strength, beauty, stability, human friendly operation and maintenance. It is a masterpiece with high-performance, broadcast grade, HD LED display resolution, high frame rate, high refresh rate and scan lines free, delivering a great in-camera performance. ImmerSiv pro can be widely used in xR stage, broadcast, education, esports and events and studio requirement.

Film production
Virtual stage

Compatible & Flexible

Universal module for different pixel pitch.

Same module in a pitch for both straight panel and horizontally curve-able panel (0°/±3°±/6°).

Chassis is designed cut-able for convex 90° wall.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

While ground stacking, custom truss is no need, regular truss works.

Smart vertical latch is designed for one-person & quick installation and the latch pin can also sink down, aligning with topper of the panel.

Fly beam is meanwhile a ground stacking beam

Modular, front, rear and too-less access to all parts.

Front and rear accessible

Module, spine, cables are all front and rear service available.

The spine is tool free plug in and out.

Magnetic module is with strong magnet and tool free srew fixation on chassis

Die casting aluminum and magnisum is both available for design.


Chassis was tested and the breaking point is 2.2 tons, allow up to 20 panels stacking or hanging

Climbable chassis

The handle is a part of the chasiss, tested 500kg, no break.

Have corner protection

Have led protection pin on the bottom of panel

Pixel Pitch                               P1.5  P1.9  P2.6  P2.9  P3.9
LED Configuration      SMD1212  SMD1515 SMD2020
Brightness≥1200-1600 nits
IP Rating
Gray Scale16 bit
Refresh Rate
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