iDisplay Indoor LED Display - TETRIS

When it comes to Tetris, do you think of that Tetris (Russian: Тетрис) Educational video game designed and programmed by Alexei Pajitnov in the Soviet Union?

Yes, the design concept of this product comes from the Tetris game. This indoor display named “Tetris” inherits the characteristics of random and free sorting of Tetris, and flexibility is its biggest feature. It also retains the same high-quality experience as other product lines of iDisplay.

Tetris allows for a flexible assembly among flat, column, and curve screens including concave and convex shapes. It gives an extensive free-limitation to all designers and engineers.

Tetris is thin but strong, its chassis has been tested at a remarkable 1300kg breaking point. Five different kinds of panels size allow for extensive flexibility in any application. It is compatible with pixel pitch among P1.56, P1.89, P2.6, P2.97, and P3.91. It saves more than 30% cost by using Tetris.

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