ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is also referred to as private labeling or white label products. In this case, the manufacturer has an existing product design, and the customer may make slight changes to the ODM manufacturing process, and sell it under their own brand name. Some examples of changes include branding, colors, or packaging.

What is the feature of the ODM product?

An example of an ODM product is car chargers. If you browse for car chargers on Amazon you will see multiple companies with essentially the same design. While the products are manufactured according to the same general design, each is custom branded, colored, and packaged according to each buyer’s specifications.

ODM doesn’t refer to just electronics either. Have you ever noticed how furniture, clothing, or sports equipment often have similar-looking? This is a feature of ODM manufacturing. Similar look Different brands.

What is the advantage of ODM manufacturing?

The advantage of ODM manufacturing is the low amount of resources that the customer needs to create a product. With ODM, the customer does not need to invest millions of dollars, or time, into research and development in order to develop a new product. By reducing the expense of product development, the customer can focus more time and money on marketing strategies.

Another benefit to using an ODM manufacturer is the availability of economies of scale. This means that the product’s unit cost is lower since the manufacturer is building the same design in large volumes.

What is the disadvantage of ODM manufacturing?

The disadvantage of ODM is it can be difficult to stand out from competitors that are essentially offering the same design at a similar price point. This amount of price competition often means lower profit margins.

For example, an end-user looking to purchase an ODM car charger is more likely to choose the lowest price instead of caring about the color or brand. It requires a great amount of creativity from the customer to really differentiate their ODM product from competitors in the market.

Choose OEM or ODM manufacturing Key Takeaway

When deciding to use an OEM vs an ODM, it really comes down to available resources. If a company has a research and development budget, along with a reasonable time-to-market plan, then using an OEM is a good fit. If time and resources are scarce, then ODM is the route to go to launch a product.

LED Display ODM Manufacturing Process

1. Creative Project Evaluation Team

We established a group to ensur
e the correct technology meet requirements of the marketing. The group is responsible for evaluating the feasibility and potential risks of new LED display projects. Also, it supervises and manages the manufacturing schedule.

To ensure the time and quality. It is an effective policy to make experienced accumulation and implementation.

2. Quality Material Starts at the Very Beginning

A successful LED Screen project MUST pass the quality inspection strictly at the very beginning.

How well a product turns out aesthetically, structurally, and functionally in the end all depends on the quality of its starting raw materials.

Mainly, LED display is made by

1. The LED module

2. The control system

3. The Cabinet.

Therefore, including the LEDs, driving IC, PCB board, module housing, cables, control card, cabinet, etc.

3. ODM Working Process

We have experienced workers, who are familiar with their job. A perfect and thoughtful process can decrease production accidents.

. Circuit board working process

. Structure design

. Production working process

. Quality Assurance

. Creative LED Screen

We have flexible LED screens, logo LED screens, sphere LED screens, triangle LED screens, etc.

Our experienced R&D department always makes our customer’s ideas come true with our creative LED screen.

4. World Class Aging Test

We are very high focus on each process of inspection test when your led screen during production, and bring the quality report to you.

We have three parts for the test of your LED screen products to ensure that you receive the products without any problems. 1) 24 hours when we finish the SMT process of the LED module. 2) The first complete assembled LED cabinet light up and aging test; 3) 48 hours for full constructed LED screen aging test by playing the videos, single color carousel.

5. Complete Systematic Service Team

Not only professional technology and quality, but we also have a systematic service team. We believe that customer is everything for our survival on the global market. We importance recruitment and training our team to understand our clients and market. Let the market fully lead the company’s development direction.

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