On May 10-13, ISLE 2021 opened at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (New Hall in Baoan). iDisplay brought a variety of LED display solutions with the perfect design to the exhibition to show new trend-setting leading creative technologies. With good visual effects, it has attracted many onlookers from customers.

1) OOHposter—The Hottest Product

Outdoor LED poster display, outdoor module. Pixel pitch 2.5/2.97/3.07/3.91/4/4.81, brightness 5000-10000nits customized. Perfect design for heat dissipation, waterproof, Dust-proof, and anti-fog.

2) iShelf

One of our main projects, Multi-pixel pitch, Multi-size. Customized.

iShelf is designed for indoor LED display applications, such as supermarket and store shelves, shopping mall showcases, etc. It is a better way to present your brand and product via giving visitors a very splendid ad attraction.

3) Transparent poster screen

Our new product, pixel pitch 2.8*5.6, brightness 5000nits customized, this one display size is 1000*2000mm. Strong compatibility, mobility, diversified contro.

4) Media Ultra Pixel

The indoor fixed solution, fine pitch led display, seamless connection, high contrast ratio, and high refresh rate. Each cabinet weighs only 24-26kg, and thickness of only 40mm, which can save space for installation. Full front access service, 3000Hz refresh rate which eliminates scan lines and flicker in your display on camera.

To celebrate the successful conclusion of this exhibition, open a champagne celebration with our marketing and sales team.

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