As a window to display human civilization, museums collect the essence of human history and culture. No matter what time and what kind of changes happen, the status of museums is irreplaceable.

In an effort to meet visitor expectations and enhance the interest and appeal of exhibitions in a rapidly changing digital world, museum video displays are reshaping the museum experience and engaging audiences in exciting ways and also help visitors in understanding what it is all about.

One basic use of museums LED display is exhibit introduction. Some common museum LED screen applications include touch guides, welcome walls, and digital exhibits,etc. Next, I will explain the application of these LED screens.

Exhibit introduction

We know that in the past, the corresponding introduction of the exhibits could only be placed next to the exhibits. The traditional form with the paper directly pasted on the glass of the showcase or put in a label display box. When visitors are watching, because most of the light in the exhibition hall is relatively dim, it is difficult to read the introduction of the exhibits.

The traditional form of the exhibit’s introduction reading experience is not good. Especially when the exhibition is over or the exhibits are changed will produce secondary (paper) material waste and the cleaning is not a small workload. Museums using LED video displays to the introduction of the exhibits can solve this problem very well.

The museum video display screen can meet the requirement that even if any display information is replaced, just need you to move the computer mouse.

The museum LED video display is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels to display various information, such as text, graphics, images, animations, markets, videos, video signals, etc.

Interactive LED Transparent Video Display

The second is an interactive LED transparent display screen, which can be attached to the glass of the showcase with a thickness of less than 1 mm. It can also realize functions such as display, touch interaction, and AR linkage without affecting the transparent state of viewing cultural relics. It truly achieves the perfect fusion and interaction of cultural relics, information, and audiences in space.

When the audience touches the screen, the display of cultural relics is instantly activated, and relevant cultural relic information is displayed on the screen, bringing a sense of history. Moreover, the display of cultural relics can be rotated 360 degrees at will, so that people can understand the cultural relics from different angles, and truly enter the cultural relics and that period of history.

And in order to meet the requirements of cultural relics for factors such as temperature, humidity, and light. The transparent display screen has been specially treated, and the heat of the body is extremely low, striving to create the most suitable display environment in the process of displaying cultural relics.

Interactive LED Transparent Video Display
Welcome LED Wall

Welcome LED Wall

Welcome LED Wall can not only welcome tourists, but also display the flow of people in the venue, the theme of the exhibition on that day, the history and character background, and the location information of the exhibition area, laying a foundation for tourists to learn and explore.

LED Screen as Digital Exhibits

LED screen is displayed as a digital exhibit. Some abstract and beautiful art can be displayed vividly through the LED screen, giving tourists an intuitive and beautiful feeling.

Final Words

The museum’s multimedia exhibition hall reproduces past historical events, characters, objects, etc. with a new design concept and the most advanced display technology. Through the interaction of the LED screen and the most cutting-edge content viewing mode, it seems to go back in time and experience an unforgettable technological and cultural journey in that world.

If you want to create the most memorable visitor experience in your museum, consider investing in the highest quality displays on the market. iDisplay‘s LED museum video displays screens can be customized to your specific needs, we provide high-definition pictures to present your educational content in the most attractive way.

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