ImmerSiv Pro series is born for LED walls to apply in film production.

What is ImmerSiv Pro series performance?

1, 1500nits plus
2, Real color, compatible with REC 2020
3, Up to 22bit+, compatible with Brompton and Novastar controller.
4, Wide and uniform color at different viewing angles.
5, High refresh rate more than to make sure no shooting lines under random scanning of the camera.


● FPS: 23.98-244Hz (it varies based on different requirements)
● Color Gamut: 90% of REC2020, 99.8% of REC709, 95% of DCI-P3
(it varies based on different requirements, eg, film production and advertising record requirement could be different)
● Brightness: 1200nits after calibration
● 7680Hz high refresh rate
● 22bit high color depth
● HDR supported
● The smart module can save calibration data


Item Detail IDISPLAY ROE Infiled
Compatibility P1.5/P1.9/P2.6/P2.9/P3.9 Yes, all compatible

P2.8/P3.9 for BP

P1.5 for RB

P2.6 for DM

  Compatible with Brompton and Novastar Yes  Yes Yes
  Curvable and 90 degree screen

Yes,  seamless for curve screen

1.6mm gap for 90 degree screen

BP/RB does not, BQ does not support 90 degree. 

CB/DM does, but with big gap

Support curvable, does not support 90 degree
Easy Maintenance Climbing beam Yes CB/DM/BQ with while BP/RB without  Need additional parts for climbing
  Interchangeable smart module  Yes None Yes
  Module/Spine accessible in front and rear side  Yes BP and DM without, RB/BQ with Yes
  Touring  Yes BP, RB, DM without,  BQ with Yes
Safety Corner protection Yes Only RB has  None
  Safety cable Yes NYes Yes
  2.2 tons pull test Yes No No
Heat dissipation Heat sink design Better heat dissipation with vertical channel and bigger dissipation area RB, BQ and DM has sink design but less dissipation area. BP without No
Cost Cost effective Cost effective High  High 

Company Advantage

1. Be focused, Creative, and Stable.
2. 200 plus workers
3. 6000 plus factory size
4. Only 2 cases of after-service in the past 5 years.
6. 3 years warranty

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