Project Information

Screen dimension:
screen size is 3x2m

Installation location:

P1.9 G-shelf with Huaxing copper, 1000x250mm 24 pcs

The customer bought our indoor fixed installation series to replace LCD screen. We offer the P1.9 G-shelf series solution and shipping to client by sea, and no any problem yet.

LED Video Wall

Why Do More and More People Choose LED video Walls to Replace LCD Panels?

LED video wall technology is rapidly replacing LCD in the retail industry around the world. The reason is that LED displays are superior to LCD panels in almost all indicators that are meaningful to the retail environment.

Why said so?

First of all, in terms of picture quality, LCD even borderless panels will see a clear grid like an interruption in the displayed content. And the general large screen does not need to be composed of an 8k LCD display, because it does not require close viewing distance. The small pixel pitch series solution with high-definition picture quality can solve the problem, and the fine pixel pitch picture quality can reach the level of film virtual production.

On the other hand, the LED video wall provides a seamless digital canvas for content creators, which is not limited by the frame or standard size. Through rapid technological development and industrial competition, LED video wall manufacturers have surpassed their LCD counterparts, and now provide better color accuracy and control, higher contrast, faster refresh rate, and higher brightness, even at a slightly higher cost, it’s easy to see how LED video walls perform better than LCD any other option.

On the contrary, another major obstacle to LCD panels is the low flexibility of LCD solutions. LCD panels have a proportion of 16:9 and are limited in size. Which can only be made into rectangles. They are extremely difficult to use on any surface except a flat wall.

Top 10 Differences between LED and LCD<<

led lcd screen replacement
Gshelf Series P1.9 LED Video Wall

LED video walls can be customized to design and build any size, shape, or even curvature to create a truly unique visual experience.

In the past few years, IDISPLAY has equipped a large number of retail stores, auditoriums, shopping centers, etc. with specially designed LED video walls, which meet the exact needs and wishes of customers. Interior designers can use almost any surface as a digital display, including round columns.

Perhaps the only reason why LED video wall does not appear in every retail store is the concern about costs. Fortunately, this concern is rapidly fading as prices have fallen sharply over the past few years and quality and resolution have improved. Most retail users can use 2.5 mm pixel spacing to create high-definition LED video walls, which look beautiful on consumers’ home televisions. There are still higher resolution options with 1.9 mm, 1.2 mm and. 9 mm pixel spacing.

With the ability to create truly unique installations, interior design studios can now freely express their ideas and help stores attract more traffic with exciting visual effects. This is why more and more retail store owners, like my Mexican customer, choose to replace LCD panels with dynamic and durable LED video walls. Obviously, LED is a better choice than LCD.

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