Outdoor traffic sign

iDisplay VMS is specially designed for traffic signs. We have accumulated rich experience in this field and can meet all the specific requirements of many countries, such as EN12966 and NTICIP. The quality control of the iDisplay LED traffic screen is very strict, so we must ensure that the VMS operates for many years in highway applications with a lot of dust and corrosion. From raw materials, engineering design, production process, to waterproof test, vibration test, high and low-temperature test, and other functional tests, all procedures are strictly monitored to ensure that the finished product meets iDisplay VMS manufacturing standards, helping our customers win the reputation of the traffic sign market.

Outdoor traffic sign-VMS
Outdoor traffic sign-VMS
iDisplay VMS is designed for traffic signs. We have a lot of experience in this field to reach all the specific requirements since 2011.We have cases in extremely bad weather such as Siberia, China western, Moscow, Vietnam, India coastal area, Martini island.The quality control of VMS is extremely strict as we have to make sure VMS working well for years in highway application.From raw material, engineering design, production process, to functional test such as waterproof test, vibration test, high/low-temperature test, all procedures are strictly monitored to make sure the finished product reaching iDisplay VMS manufacturing standard.We offer 5 years warranty for VMS which is ordered accordingly to iDisplay VMS manufacturing standard.
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