LED ticker Display, also referred to as a scrolling LED display, is the best way to show any kind of live data such as stock market figures, news headlines, brief messages, or Twitter feeds.

Our extendable, single-line, text-based system helps to display volumes of information. It is invaluable to financial institutions, wealth management firms, banks, sports rooms, newsrooms, traffic signals, supermarkets shelf, and more.
We offer vertical, horizontal, linear, and curved LED tickers. To disseminate information in a crisp manner in a spectrum of colors, LED tickers are the best solution.

LED ticker Project Overview

By using the cutting-edge design from iDisplay, ishelf support of 24V, and its power supply can be located 20 meters away from the shelve displays, it guarantees safety in public area like supermarkets.

Customer requirements:
• P1.875
• resolution = 320x32px
• 24V or higher
• data and power connection sideways
• size 605x65mm
• black matte finish

Screen dimension:
screen size is 600x60mm, with Nationstar Copper.

Installation location:
USA, office for Google.

200 pcs of iShelf series P1.875

led ticker display iShelf series

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