When choosing to buy an LED display, the horizontal and vertical LED Screen viewing angles are important parameters.

What is Viewing Angle?

To understand the angle of view, we first need to know what [normal line] is, a normal line is a straight line that is always perpendicular to a plane. Drawing an XY axis based on a plane, then the z-axis is the normal perpendicular to the plane.

Choice of perspective:
For example, the viewing angle parameter given by the LED display manufacturer is 160°/140°. The first number 160 indicates that the horizontal viewing angle is 160 degrees, and the second number 140 indicates that the vertical viewing angle is 140 degrees, indicating that the viewing angle is within the viewing range of 160°/140°. Internally, all viewers can enjoy the best viewing effect. Beyond this range, viewers will see visual effects that are 50% lower than normal brightness. The larger the viewing angle of the LED display, the larger the audience and the wider the coverage area, and vice versa. All friends can choose a suitable viewing angle according to their own needs, generally, choose a large viewing angle LED display.

The packaging method of the LED chip determines the viewing angle of the LED display. Among them, the viewing angle of the surface mounts LED lamp is better, and the current mainstream LED packaging is also SMD surface mount packaging.

In addition, to accurately understand the definition, the angle of view is the angle between two viewing directions of the same plane, not the angle between a certain viewing direction and the plane. The angle between the viewing direction and the plane as shown in the figure below is not a visual angle, but a wrong understanding.

On the horizontal plane, the angle between the two viewing directions in the normal direction of the LED display screen is the horizontal viewing angle:

Similarly, on the vertical plane, the angle between the two viewing directions in the normal direction of the LED display screen is the vertical viewing angle:

Which viewing angle is best, LED or LCD?

LED screens have wider viewing angles than LCDs. The viewing angle of the LCD display screen is very limited. As long as the deviation angle is slightly larger, the content on the LCD screen cannot be seen clearly, and even nothing can be seen; while the LED can provide a viewing angle of up to 160°, in the visible range. occupy a great advantage.

Besides the difference in viewing angle, What Difference Between LCD and LED?
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