Almighty Indoor LED Display-Tetris

Almighty Indoor LED Display-Tetris

"Tetris" is a powerful and flexible LED commercial advertising display solution for indoor fixed applications. It is compatible with 5 kinds of pixel pitch, 5kinds of panel size, and various shapes including flat LED screen, concave LED display, convex LED screen, and cubic & cuboid LED screen and LED columns.  It can be adapted to more than 90% of indoor LED display projects and fit perfectly with applications like retail, transportation hub, hotel and resort, stadium, broadcast, and visualization center, art gallery.

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"Tetris" - Almighty King of LED Display

LED commercial advertising display screen can display your advertisements and informationfor many hours, and the long service life make sure your investment worthwhile and profitable.

With an indoor LED display — "Tetris", you have the possibility to display images in high resolutions and in large dimensions in large public spaces or inside your shop. 

1. "Tetris" is flexible in size and shape: 

"Tetris" can be cut into 5 kinds of sizes and assembled into any shape you want including creative led display, cubic and cuboid, concave and convex LED display. Any design is possible.

2. "Tetris" have 5 pixel pitch:

 It is compatible with pixel pitch among P1.56, P1.89, P2.6, P2.97 and P3.91.

3. "Tetris" is easy to maintain:

Support disassembly and maintenance from the front of the screen. 

4."Tetris" is strong:

Tested approval at a 1300kg breaking point. 

If you're looking for an LED screen indoor solution, our "Tetris" is a perfect option to display your content in a big, effective way. The result of these LED screens is a creative and immersive experience, real visual impact which make your business to be outstanding. Your window display will show discounts and promotions in real time, which is more attractive than the traditional advertising we are used to!

Light Slim led display

Light & Slim

The chassis is a thin but strong, modular design with lightweight body

Cabinet Weight 9.7kg.

Thickness 4.3cm.

strong led display
Hang Up To 13m
"Tetris" is strong and its chassis has been tested at a remarkable 1300kg breaking point, and hanging 13m without additional bracket is safe and its max extent.

various Panel Size led display
5 Kinds Of Panel Size

Five different kinds of panel allows for extensive flexibility in any dimensions and various applications like retail, transportation hub, hotel and resort, stadium, broadcast, and visualization center, art gallery etc. 


Compatibility led display
Powerful Compatibility
It is compatible with pixel pitch among P1.56, P1.89, P2.6, P2.97 and P3.91. All parts including module, power  supply, receiving card, hub card, screw and cable are all interchangeable among these 5  pitches. It saves more than 30% of cost by using "Tetris".

Free Layout LED display
Free Layout

"Tetris" is an LED panel that can be cut into 5 kinds of size and assemble into any shapes as you want. There is free-limitation to artists when they come accross a creative design LED display project. Any design is possible.

Concave Convex led display
Concave & Convex
"Tetris" allows for a flexible assembly among flat, column, curve screen  including concave and convex shape. It gives an extensive free-limitation to all designers and engineers.

Maintenance led display
Easy Maintenance
With captive screws on each side, we can assemble panels together in a fast and effective way with allen key. And you can take modules and all parts in front side with vacuum suction tool easily.

flat Wall-mounted led wall
Flat Wall-mounted
"Tetris" is a flat wall mounted product which allows structure-free mountation on concrete wall,  wooden wall, especially for a LED wall less than 10㎡.


Pixel Pitch1.56mm1.89mm2.6mm2.97mm3.91mm
LED ConfifigurationSMD1212SMD1515SMD2020SMD2020SMD2020
Pixel Density409,600dot/m2278,784dot/m2147,456dot/m2112,896dot/m265,536dot/m2
Module size250x250mm 250x250mm 250x250mm 
250x250mm 250x250mm 
Module Resolution160*160dot132x132dot96x96dot84x84dot64x64dot
Cabinet Size500*1000mm /500*500mm/500*250mm/250*250mm/500x750
Cabinet Resolution320*640dot264x528dot192x384dot168x336dot128x256dot
Cabinet Weight9.7kg9.7kg9.7kg9.7kg9.7kg
IP RatingIP20IP20IP20IP20IP20
Scanning Mode40s 44s32s28s22s
Viewing Angle160°/160°160°/160°160°/160°160°/160°160°/160°
View Distance>1.56m>1.9m>2.6m>2.9m>3.9m
Gray Scale14bit14bit14bit
Max.Power Consumption500W/m²500W/m²500W/m²500W/m²500W/m²
Ave.Power Consumption180W/m²180W/m²180W/m²180W/m²180W/m²
Refresh Frequency3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz3840Hz
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