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The Role of the LED Display Cabinet to the Screen

LED display cabinet mainly plays a role in fixing and protecting LED displays. The components inside the cabinet shall be protected from the impact of the external environment and shall not be easily damaged. The LED display cabinet fixes the components of all display screens, such as unit boards and power supplies, in the cabinet. The main purpose of this is to make the connection of the entire display screen more convenient and simple. The LED display cabinet can also fix the frame structure of the entire display, making it more convenient and stable to place or install the display.

After special treatment, LED display cabinets can also play a role in moisture-proof and anti-oxidation. The LED display cabinet is generally subject to strict anti-oxidation treatment, which can effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation, and improve the service life of components and the operation time of the display. The LED display screen cabinet is also generally equipped with lightning protection devices to prevent the display screen from being damaged by lightning and other induced voltages and lightning.

The LED display cabinet is very important for the LED display, which can effectively ensure that all components of the LED display are not damaged, and ensure that the LED display can operate normally in harsh environments.

LED Display Cabinet Classification by Material

1. Iron cabinet
Iron cabinet is a common cabinet on the market. Its advantages are low price, good sealing and easy to change the shape and structure. The disadvantages are also obvious. The weight of the iron cabinet is too high, which is not easy to install and transport. In addition, its strength and precision are not enough, and it is easy to rust over a long period of time.

2. Die-cast aluminum cabinet
The die-casting aluminum cabinet is often used in the rental display screen, which is characterized by high strength accuracy, lightweight, and more importantly, seamless splicing can be achieved, which can have a better effect on the screen display. Die-casting aluminum led display screen is molded in a mold, which ensures the flatness of the cabinet, effectively controls the tolerance range, and basically solves the problem of the seam of the cabinet; Humanized design and installation are more convenient, lighter, and the cabinet seam and connection line are more reliable; Lightweight, hoisting structure, more convenient and firm installation; Imported power connector is used for a safe and reliable connection. Concealed connection is adopted for signal and power connection between cabinets, and no trace of the connection line can be seen after installation.

3. Carbon fiber cabinet
The carbon fiber cabinet is designed to be ultra-thin, light in weight, and good in strength, with a tensile resistance of 1500kg and a weight of only 9.4kg per square meter. The fully modular design is adopted, which makes maintenance more convenient. The 45-degree right angle side can realize the 90-degree splicing installation of the screen. At the same time, the non-transparent backplane is provided, which is suitable for large area installation in the field of sports venues and outdoor advertising lights.

4. Aluminum alloy cabinet
This LED cabinet is characterized by low density, very high strength, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, and can withstand certain load capacity.

5. Magnesium alloy cabinet
Magnesium alloy is an alloy made of magnesium and other elements. Its characteristics are small density, high strength, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater impact load bearing capacity than aluminum alloy, and good corrosion resistance to organic matter and alkali. Magnesium alloy used as an LED display cabinet has a high cost-performance ratio, simple installation, and excellent heat dissipation, making the product more competitive in the market. But at the same time, the price of magnesium alloy cabinets is also higher than other cabinets.

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LED Display Cabinet Classification by Usage

1. Bracket (magnetic column and aluminum frame)
2. Simple cabinet
3. Sealing cabinet
5. Waterproof cabinet
6. Hoisting cabinet
7. Court screen cabinet
8. Grid screen cabinet
9. Paint screen cabinet
10. Front maintenance cabinet
11. Special-shaped cabinet

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