What are the benefits of heat dissipation and cooling for LED displays?

Whether it is an indoor LED display or an outdoor full-color LED display, heat will be generated during operation, and the heat generated will lead to an increase in the temperature of the LED display. Under normal circumstances, indoor LED display screens generate less heat due to low brightness and can dissipate heat naturally; however, outdoor LED advertising screens generate large heat due to high brightness, and need to be dissipated by air conditioners or axial fans. Since the LED display is an electronic product, the increase in temperature will affect the light decay of the LED display lamp beads, affect the working efficiency of the driver IC, and the service life of the LED display.

LED display has great development prospects because of its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long life. But the temperature is very important to the led display, the influence of the temperature on the led display: it involves the life and light effect, color and so on of the led display. So the right temperature is very important for the LED display.

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