Q1.What software is installed?
Novastar software. Did you use it before?

Q2.How to upload content or video material?
We can load content from computer or phone via Novastar software. If you have not used this software before, we can send video to guide you

Q3.Video resolution?
It is better that video resolution is same as the shelf panel resolution, or can be several times of panel resolution. Make sure the H/V resolution rate is same as led panel.

We can give you some picture and video that match the resolution. please advice.

Q4.Connect to Wi-Fi to 12 volts or 220 volts?
The panel do not support wifi, but the sending card have optional choice, we can use asynchrous sending card which support wifi if you need. And also we can control LED panel via sending card by connecting RG45 cable.

Please advice if you need to buy sending card from us?

Q5.And do you need Wi-Fi function?
LED panel need input of 5V, and the power adapter we offer is a transmitter from 220V to 5V, so that we can connect 220v power and the led panel via the power adapter.

Q6.Can it work 24/7 and seven days a week?

Q7.How are panels interconnected?
Via RG45 cable, please check there is breif diagram in the brochure of last email. Attached is a cabling drawing of a specific project for your reference We will offer drawing to you according to different project.

Q8.When will the other sizes be available to order?
P1.8: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, P1.6: 665mm, 931mm,1200mm, 1330mm.

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