FAQ of Gshelf

FAQ of Gshelf

FAQ of Gshelf led display.

We are a Commercial Led Display Board Solution Provider which focus on oversea market especially Europe and America.

iDisplay led display manufacturer was founded in 2014 and located in Shenzhen, China.

We devoted ourselves to design and manufacture led display board for commercial field such as Chain store,

shopping mall, theater, museum, exhibition wall, immersive experience hall, hotel, transport hub, and meeting room etc.

Meanwhile, we have a lot of experience to do ODM and OEM according to the requirement. 100% of iDisplay screens were exported to oversea market

while 90% were shipped to Europe,iDisplay’s product are mainly designed for retail application,

the regular led display products are including outdoor standee OOHposter,

Outdoor front service light weight screen OOHmedia, outdoor traffic sign VMS,

indoor standee iPoster, indoor fixed screen Gshelf, conference screen iConference, and soft screen iFlex



+86 18476878822




+86 18476878822


+86 18476878822

FAQ of indoor advertising led display board, idisplayled Gshelf

Q1. How many types of Gshelf do you have

A. There are P1.953, P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, P4.81 for indoor application. And there are two cabinet size for each pixel pitch, including 1000*250mm,750*250mm and 250*250mm.

Q2. Can its size to be customized?                                            

A. Yes, we can customize size as your required.

Q3. How can you ensure the Gshelf display product quality?

A.  1. Die casting module for better flatness and alignment.     2. Higher end component and stable SMT manufacturing.       3. We use 100% high quality materials,100% testing before shipment.

Q4. Which control system is being used in the screen?

A. Novastar system, such as MSD300 and MSD600

Q5. Which led lamp is being used in the screen?

A. iDisplay provide 2 options, Kinglight and Nationstar.

Q6. What is the power supply used in the screen?

A. Powerld, can also use Meanwell or Greatwall in custom case

Q7. What is the installation way?

A. Support wall-mounted and hanging.

Q8. Can I order a sample or even a module first ?

A. Yes, we welcome a sample or a module order to test and check its quality.

Q9. How long is the warranty?

A. Normally we offer 2 years.

Q10.How do you pack the screen?

We pack it by using wooden cases or flight cases.

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