FAQ of Floor Standing Advertising LED Display —— IDISPLAY OOHposter series
Q1.How long is the warranty?
A: Normally we offer two options: If you choose copper will offer 2 years warranty; If gold will offer 3 years warranty.

Q2.Can it be a customized size?

A: Yes, generally, we offer 1040×2350 and 1180×2380 two sizes for you. But we can customize the size as you require.

Q3.How can you ensure the poster display product quality?

1. Higher-end component including brand Nationstar, Meanwell/Greatwall/High refresh rate IC.

2. Stable SMT manufacturing.

3. We use 100% real materials and 100% testing before shipment.

Q4. Which control system is being used on the screen?
A: Novastar system T3 &T6 or Lumen System.

Q5. Which led lamp is being used on the screen?
A:iDisplay provides various options, like Cree, Nationstar, muti-color, Xindeco, etc.

Q6.What is the power supply used in the screen?
A: Meanwell.

Q7.What are the various ways of connectivity?
A:4G, WiFi, USB, PC, plug and play, support remote control.

Q8. can we power on and off OOHposter remotely?
Yes, we can switch it on or off via a remote power distributor cabinet with the multifunction card.

Q9. What is the installation way?
A: floor standing, need to fix poster on the concrete foundation.

Q10.Can I have a sample first?
A: Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check their quality.

Q11.Is the product certificated?
A: CE-LVD, RED EMC, RED Health approval.

Q12. Can it be visible under the sunshine?
A: Yes, it is high brightness, if indoor we offer 5000-5500nits, if outdoor we offer 6500-7000nits for you.

Q13.How to achieve Marketing precision function?
A: We could built-in sensor to count the viewers, If you have other functional needs, we can also meet your requirements.

Q14.Can we display temperature, time, weather information
A: yes, we can display information on the built-in temperature sensor.

Q15.Can we adjust the brightness automatically?
A: yes, we can adjust brightness automatically according to ambient brightness.

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