Intro to LED module maintain-iDisplayled iDisplay

Intro to LED module maintain-iDisplayled iDisplay

iDisplay Intro to LED module maintain-iDisplayled iDisplay,Cooperate with our customer with super execution ability, sincerity and passion.

Common tools for module repair

1 One soldering iron + one sniffer, some solder.

2 One batch of electric batch for quick disassembly of module or unit board.

3 Computer + send card, used to send the program to the receiving card.

4 A multimeter, used to detect module or unit board specific faults.

5 One pair of tweezers, scissors, and cutting pliers.

6 Receiving card + HUB board, used to observe module or unit board failure phenomenon.





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1.What makes iDisplay different from other led display manufacture?
There are a few ways that iDisplay is different from other led display factory. Firstly, we focus on led poster field and we have better knowleage in retail and dooh application as most of our customer are in this field. Secondly, we think for long-term cooperation when we reach our customer in the begining so we will only propose a solution that can last long and in good performance. Thirdly, we are one of few supplier which can arrange parts for delivery in 48 hours when we got a message from our customer for after-service, and we do not need customer to deliver any failure parts back unless it is necessay to do an analyze. All in all, customer's need is our action guidline.
2.Where does iDisplay located?
iDisplay located in led display industry center, Baoan district, Shenzhen, China.
3.What is the application of led display?
Applications of LED video walls, LED screens and displays. LED displays and giant screens as well as digital billboards and scoreboards are used road-side, downtown, in retail, shop windows, sports halls, transportation.


1.We think for long-term cooperation when we start to reach our customer.
2.Professonal in Led Poster for retail and dooh application, we know better about indoor and outdoor advertising.
3.Flexible and professional service, when you work with iDisplay, you find the peace of mind.
4.Cooperate with our customer with super execution ability, sincerity and passion.

About iDisplay

Shenzhen iDisplay Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech commercial display provider, which focus on oversea market. Founded in 2014 and located in Shenzhen, China. We devote designing and manufacturing led display for commercial filed such as Chain store, shopping mall, billboard, video wall, lighting post sign etc. Meanwhile, we have lots of experience to do ODM and OEM according to the requirement. 100% of iDisplay screen were exported to oversea market while 90% were shipped to Europe and America including countries and areas such as UK, France, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Germany and The USA. Our products are mainly designed for retail application, the regular products are including indoor poster-"iPoster", outdoor poster-"oTHposter", shopping shelves screen-"gShelf", "iShelf", flexible screen - "iFlex",  traffic sign "iVMS" and outdoor fixed screen "oTHmedia". We are pursuing of building “iDisplay” into a world-renowned brand in an unique market position, helping one hundred of local led display wholesaler and contractor companies to service for their end user, offering them the best products and on time technical support via our R&D, manufacture and service.

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