Interactive LED Screen

Technology to process the position data of human bones in real-time, and truly realize the real-time synchronous display of human and large screen body movements. As long as you enter the range of motion sensing, you can easily interact with the large screen, and without wearing any sensing equipment, you can realize the interactive experience of super science fiction feeling.

Convenient Operation

No need to wear any sensing devices, just enter the range of motion sensing, and you can achieve a super sci-fi interactive experience.

For public scenes, the system is designed to support a maximum of four people interacting with the screen.

Sensitivity and Stability

System sensitivity and stability.

Microsoft Kinect capture technology and self-developed control software are used to ensure the sensitive and stable operation of the system.

Easy to adapt to a variety of large screens.

Variety of Styles

Using UNITY game engine development, from 3D modeling to particle special effects synthesis, strive for perfection.

Support 5 kinds of styles of shadow particle switch say goodbye to monotonous, boring.