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Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

Indoor LED Display

Best Solutions for Your Projects

As a indoor led display manufacturer, iDisplay can provide solutions according to the different needs of our customers.

Custom my indoor LED display

IDISPLAY indoor LED display with high definition, wide viewing angle, and high image quality, widely used in retail, schools, hospitals, control rooms, conference rooms, transportation hubs, and other indoor applications.

IDISPLAY Unique Customized Indoor LED Display Solutions

IDISPLAY has been involved in the LED solutions manufacturing since 2008. As such, IDISPLAY understands clearly the dynamics of the LED display solution market and how to address them.

IDISPLAY has the expertise to circumvent any Unique LED Display Design that you may have in mind. Through our many years of experience, we have been exposed to unique challenges by different customers all over the world. IDISPLAY also have rich exprerence on


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One-Stop Services for Your Indoor LED Display Needs

If you are looking for a One-stop services transaction, choosing IDISPLAY is the best choice for you. We will help you from the designing phase until the installation of your indoor LED display.
Our services do not end there, we will continue to assist after all that is done.
Get in touch with us today to get your indoor LED display project started!

High-Quality Indoor LED Display

Are you looking to upgrade from traditional print advertising? Well, you can consider Indoor LED displays to boost your outdoor advertising and attract the attention of customers.
The market is packed with Indoor LED display manufacturers that have tailored ways for how LED can be useful to homes or businesses. If you are looking to purchase from an indoor led display supplier, Select one with product quality certification.

Front Serviceable LED

idisplayled.com offers a spectacular series of vibrant front serviceable led display screens for indoor and outdoor uses. These commercial-grade front serviceable LED display screens are waterproof and multi-touch.

Front accessible


Indoor Lightweight Slim panel

Gshelf is full front serviceable including all parts and modules. You can remove and mount the module by a magnetic removal tool in seconds.
Its unique design allows us to mount the Gshelf panel onto the wall with a simple structure behind.

Modular LED Screens

Standardized Cabinet


Indoor Lightweight Slim panel

When you a want high-impact visual display, modular LED screens also known as video walls, are the answer. Perfectly suited for indoor our interlocking panels mount together to create the perfect size screen to fit your needs and deliver brilliant images under the stars, stage lighting, or direct sunlight.

There is module arrangement 4*1, 3*1, and 1*1 for our Indoor LED Display panel which guarantees that we assemble it like a Jigsaw puzzle at any time of the size of 250mm in the vertical and horizontal direction. It is a splendid product that you can keep a lot in stock and split into various applications.

Our Indoor LED display available pixel pitch includes P6, P5, P4, P3.91, P3, P2.97, P2.6, P2.5, P2, P1.9, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5, P1. 25, P0.9, etc.

Viewing Distance and LED Display Pixel Pitch?

Dot pitch, pitch, pixel pitch, these three professional terms have the same meaning, referring to the distance from the center of one lamp bead to the center of the adjacent lamp bead in the LED display, The unit is mm.

In the industry, the letter “P” in the word “pixel pitch” is also commonly used to refer to the dot pitch for short. For example, a screen with a dot pitch of 1.5mm is called P1.5, and a screen with a dot pitch of 2mm is called P2.

With the advancement of SMD and COB lamp bead packaging technology, the current point spacing can be smaller than 1mm and larger than 10mm. IDISPLAY has profound research and development capabilities and accumulated rich engineering experience. The screen pixel pitch covers 0-1mm, 1-10mm, 10+mm, and is in a leading position in the industry.

LED display with LED dot spacing less than P2.5 is called small pitch LED display, mainly including P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.8, P1.667, P1.5, P1.25, P1.0 and other LED display products

The importance of pixel pitch

The smaller the dot pitch, the greater the pixel density, the greater the resolution, the closer the viewing distance, the more delicate the displayed image, and the better the final visual effect for people. Of course, the cost is relatively high.

Relatively, the larger the dot pitch, the smaller the pixel density, the smaller the resolution, the farther the viewing distance, and the less delicate the displayed image. Finally, for the larger dot pitch, better and more delicate visual effects can be obtained. The viewing distance must be extended. Of course, the cost is also relatively low.

How to choose the pixel pitch

led wall pixel pitch calculator

It can be seen from the above discussion that the size of the dot spacing and the viewing distance directly affect people’s visual effects.

Indoors, the space viewing distance itself is limited, in order to better and more delicate visual effects, generally choose a smaller point spacing. Outdoors, there is no limit to the viewing distance in space, and a smaller dot pitch can also be selected, but for lower cost and higher cost performance, a larger dot pitch is generally selected.

In the end, you will probably ask, knowing the viewing distance, how do I know how much dot spacing is appropriate? In fact, there is no absolutely unified standard formula in the industry for the conversion of viewing distance and point spacing. And everyone’s subjective visual experience is different. The following editor gives the conversion formula calculated by IDISPLAY LED display for reference: (distance unit: meters)

LED Pixel Pitch Calculator

Minimum viewing distance (the distance that can display a smooth image) = dot pitch (mm) × 1000/1000
The most suitable viewing distance (the distance that can display a highly clear picture) = dot pitch (mm) × 3000/1000
The farthest viewing distance = screen height (m) × 30

Indoor LED Display FAQ

How Can You Ensure the Quality?2022-11-17T14:43:54+08:00

1. Die casting module for better flatness and alignment.
2. Higher-end components and stable SMT manufacturing.
3. We use 100% high-quality materials and 100% testing before shipment.

Which Control System is Being Used on the Screen?2022-11-17T14:42:51+08:00

Novastar systems, such as MSD300 and MSD600.

Which LED Lamp is Being Used on the Screen?2022-11-17T14:46:44+08:00

iDisplay provides 2 options, Kinglight and Nationstar.

What is the Power Supply Used in the Screen?2022-11-17T14:47:32+08:00

Powered, can also use Meanwell or Greatwall in a custom case.

What is The installation Way?2022-11-17T14:48:22+08:00

Support wall-mounted and hanging.

Can I Order a Sample or Even a Module First?2022-11-17T14:49:04+08:00

Yes, we welcome a sample or a module order to test and check its quality.

How Long is the Warranty?2022-11-17T14:51:09+08:00

Normally we offer 2 years.

How Do You Pack the Screen?2022-11-17T14:55:36+08:00

We pack it by using wooden cases or flight cases.

led display Flight Case package
led display Wooden box package

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