As an important communication medium in our life, LED display screen is deeply loved by all bosses. We all know that the LED display has a wide range of applications, and we have seen it in many places. However, there are also sayings about choosing LED displays in different places. In the process of communicating with many customers, we found that in fact, everyone does not know how to choose a suitable LED display.
So, how to choose the model of LED display? What skills are there? In this issue, we summarize the relevant content of LED display selection. You can learn from it so that you can easily choose the right LED display.

1. According to the size of the LED display screen

There are many specifications and sizes of LED display screens, such as P1.25, P1.66, P2, P2.98, P4.81, P5.91, P3 (indoor), P5 (outdoor), P8 (outdoor), P10 (outdoor) )Wait. The spacing and display effects of different sizes are different, and the selection should be made according to the situation.

2, According to the LED display brightness selection

The brightness requirements of indoor LED display and outdoor LED display are different. For example, indoor brightness is required to be greater than 800cd/m, semi-indoor brightness is greater than 2000cd/m2, outdoor brightness is greater than 4000cd/m or greater than 8000cd/m2, generally outdoor. The brightness requirements of the LED display will be higher, so pay special attention to this detail when selecting models.


3. According to the length and width ratio of the LED display screen

The aspect ratio of the installed LED display will directly affect the viewing effect, so the aspect ratio of the LED display is also an important factor to be considered in the selection. Generally, graphic screens do not have a fixed ratio, which is mainly determined according to the content to be displayed, while the common aspect ratio of video screens is generally 4:3.

custom size led display

4. Selection according to the refresh rate of the LED display

The higher the refresh rate of the LED display, the more stable and smooth the picture will be. The refresh rate of our common LED display is generally higher than 1000 Hz or 3000 Hz, so you should also pay attention to its refresh rate when choosing an LED display. Low, otherwise it will affect the viewing, and sometimes there are even water ripples.

5, according to the LED display control mode selection

Our common LED display control methods include WIFI wireless control, RF wireless control, GPRS wireless control, 4G full Netcom wireless control, 3G  wireless control, automatic control, timing control and so on. Everyone can choose the corresponding control method according to their needs.

6. According to the color selection of LED display

The LED display can be divided into single-color screen, double-color screen, or full-color screen. Among them, the LED single-color screen is a light-emitting screen with only one color, and the display effect is not very good; the LED double-color screen is generally composed of red and green LED diodes. , which can present subtitles, pictures, etc.; the LED full-color display is rich in color and can present various pictures, videos, subtitles, etc. At present, LED two-color displays and LED full-color displays are more commonly used.

The above is the relevant content about the selection of LED display screens. IDISPLAY’s Gshelf series has a variety of specifications and sizes, and customized services are the first choice for indoor commercial display.

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