With the wide application of LED display in various fields, more and more people begin to be familiar with and use LED display. So how to judge the quality of the display screen, so as to select a cost-effective LED display screen for ourselves, which requires us to master the basic technical indicators of the LED display screen.

1. Brightness

When purchasing an LED display screen, you must confirm in advance whether it is installed outdoors or indoors. Generally speaking, outdoor requires high brightness, which should be 5000cd/m ² Above, only 1800cd/m is needed indoors ² OK. If we understand this, we will not make a mistake and waste money.

2.White balance

White balance effect White balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display screen. In terms of color, when the ratio of red, green and blue primary colors is 1:4.6:0.16, pure white will be displayed. The quality of white balance is mainly determined by the control system of the display screen. The tube core also has an impact on the color reducibility.

3.Gray scale

Gray scale is related to brightness. It refers to the brightness of the brightness, that is, the so-called color scale or gray scale, which often determines the brightness of the color. Generally speaking, the higher the gray level is, the richer the color is, and the more beautiful the effect is.

4. Flatness

Flatness When touching the LED display screen, is there any roughness? This is called “flatness” in the industry. Although many people tend to ignore this when purchasing, LED display screen with high flatness is a good screen.

In general, the smaller the flatness, the smoother the screen display, the more uniform the color, and the better the viewing effect. On the contrary, the screen is prone to distortion and the viewing effect is poor.

flatness led screen

5. Refresh frequency

Refresh frequency refers to the number of times the screen is refreshed by the screen per second. Generally speaking, the higher the refresh frequency, the more stable and smooth the screen display. The lower the refresh frequency, not only will there be ugly the water ripples, but also will affect the eyes and make people feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, when selecting, try to choose the one with a refresh rate higher than 1000Hz. If the refresh rate is higher than 3000Hz, it can be called a high-performance LED display screen with a better effect.

The above points are just a brief description of the characteristics of several LED displays. Professional LED display suppliers like IDISPLAY will ask customers about the installation scenarios and requirements, and recommend the configuration scheme with the best cost performance ratio, without wasting performance.

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