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What is Conference LED Screen ?

Conference room LED display system adopts a high-density, small-pitch COB package as the display panel, through the integration of computer systems, multi-screen processing technology, signal switching technology, network technology, and other application processing and integration functions, to achieve dynamic supervision of the various situations that the entire system needs to display, as well as real-time multi-screen display and analysis of signals from a variety of different sources, to meet the needs of users to display a variety of shared information and comprehensive information in a large area.

In recent years, LED display technology has developed rapidly, especially since the launch of small-pitch LED technology, with a high-definition display, high refresh, high brightness, seamless splicing, stable performance, and other characteristics, in a variety of indoor environments that have been widely used. Especially for use in conference rooms, LED displays have the advantages of high-definition realism, fine picture quality, and uniform picture color, which is recognized by many users.

Advantages of Conference Room LED Display
1. Modular design of the unit, the whole screen really “no spell”.
Especially when used to play news features or hold video conferences, characters are not divided by the stitching. At the same time, when displaying WORD, EXCEL, and PPT, which are often played in conference room environment, the stitching will not be confused with table dividers, thus causing misinterpretation and misjudgment of the content.
2. Large screen size, high-definition screen display.
3. It can create a more comfortable and modern information conference room environment.
4. Can communicate and collaborate in real time remotely, such as remote teaching, training and teaching activities, etc.
5. Wide viewing angle to better meet the needs of large conference room environment and ladder type conference room environment.
6. High contrast ratio, faster response speed, high refresh frequency, to meet the high-speed motion image display.
7. Small space occupation, compared with DLP splicing, projection fusion, save a lot of space. Flexible and convenient to use, easy to install and maintain, save maintenance space.
8. Efficient heat dissipation, fanless design, zero noise, giving users a perfect meeting environment.
9. Long service life, saving operation and maintenance costs. At the same time, it can be repaired point by point, with lower maintenance costs.
10. The whole screen has high consistency and uniformity of color and brightness, and can be corrected point by point.
Effectively avoid projection fusion, LCD / PDP flat panel splicing, DL P splicing common use after a certain period of time will come out of the dark corners, dark edges, “patch” and other phenomena, especially for the meeting display often to play visualization “analysis of charts, graphs and other” pure background color “When the content, LED display program is more advantageous.
11. High screen brightness, can be intelligently adjusted, fully adapt to a variety of indoor display environment.
Because LED is a self-luminous display technology, so the interference and influence of ambient light is very small, and can change according to the surrounding environment, the picture is more comfortable, the details are perfectly rendered. In contrast, the brightness of the projection fusion, DLP splicing display is slightly lower, for large conference rooms or meeting rooms with brighter ambient light, may not meet the needs of use.

How to Use Indoor LED Screen as a Conference Room Display?

1. Adhere to the full-color LED display screen big screen using the environment of humidity, do not let anything with moisture nature into your full-color LED display screen big screen. Humidity-rich full-color display screen big screen power will lead to full-color display screen parts corrosion and then form permanent damage.

2. As far as possible to the full-color screen damage items away from the screen, and clean the screen as gently as possible when scrubbing, the possibility of damage to a minimum.

3. Long-term exposure to the outdoor environment wind and sun, dust, and other easy to show dirty, for a period of times, the screen is certainly a piece of dust, which needs to be cleaned in time to prevent dust wrapped in long-term appearance affect the viewing role.

4. Request power supply stability, and grounding maintenance, in harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning climates do not use.

5. LED display screen large screen as far as possible placed in a low-dust environment, large dust will have an impact on the role of the display, and too much dust will form damage the circuit. If for various reasons into the water, please immediately power off and contact the repair staff, until the screen inside the board dries before use.

6. Pay attention to the order of the LED display switch, usually first open the control computer so that it can run normally, and then open the LED display, and in closing the computer, first, close the LED display, and then close the computer.

7. Do not broadcast for a long time in all white, all red, all green, all blue, and other full bright screens, to avoid the formation of excessive current, power line heating, and LED lamp damage, affecting the use of the screen life.

8. LED display needs to regularly check whether the normal operation, of the line, has no damage, such as not working to replace in a timely manner, line has damage to repair or replace in a timely manner.

Why choose IDISPLAY indoor LED screen for a conference room?

As most traditional conference rooms use projectors as display media, they face problems such as insufficient brightness, poor effect, and difficulty in maintenance. The functional requirements needed as a display for conference rooms should have:

1. Small Pitch LED Display

The size of the dot pitch of the small pitch Led display affects its clarity and better viewing distance. The smaller the pitch of the Led display, the higher the clarity will be. And its better viewing distance will also be reduced.
We can choose the appropriate point spacing of a small pitch Led display according to the size of the meeting room. The LED screen for the conference room is more suitable for the display with a smaller pitch, and the best effect is used.

2. Occupy small space, Flexible and convenient to use, with Fast maintenance

LED screen in indoor use of space is small, so the meeting room with LED screen must occupy a small space or will make the meeting room looks small and crowded.

3. Business applications, high-definition display, fast image processing, and video transmission without delay.

Project Overview:
The customer is from Spain, and 21 panels for 2 screens. One is 1X1.5m and the other is 3X3m.
The customer wants two screens for their office to play videos or photos when having a meeting.

Screen dimension:
500X1000mm panels

Installation location:
Spain, for their new office.

Tetris P3.91


get know tetris series

The advantages of IDISPLAY Tetris series are fully in line with the functions required by LED screens for conference rooms:

  • Tetris minimum point pitch can reach P1.5, and the best viewing distance is about 1.5 meters.
  • Tetris can be installed directly on the wall, the space occupation is very small, and the screen size is not too large in the case of direct wall installation, such as less than 20m². And Tetris can be maintained directly in front, maintenance is fast and easy.
  • All components including modules, power supplies, receiving cards, hubs, and cables are interchangeable, which alleviates the difficulty of completing the panel. This feature will save costs when users upgrade or retrofit the screen by simply replacing the modules at a cost of about 30% of the total cost.
  • Tetris allows each module to be adjusted slightly to the left, right, up, or down, creating a seamless connection.
  • Tetris has a brightness of roughly 600-800 with high resolution and long life.
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