Indoor conference screen

Conference LED screen paved the way for today's modern conference systems. Combining audio systems, digital writing boards, and projection screen functions, the smart meeting room LED screen product is the industry's best conference space solution. At the same time, it has a wide range of uses and versatility. It is suitable for applications such as auditoriums, education, training rooms, control and command centers, etc.

Meeting Room Screen-iConference
Meeting Room Screen-iConference
iDisplay's lineup of super-sized, ultra-thin, and All-in-One Intelligent Conference LED Screen is paving the path for today's modern conference system. With spectacular vivid and seamless UHD quality picture, superb high contrast details in gray image, outstanding 27.8mm front access die-case light weight aluminum housing, highly integrated re liable AV and control interfaces, in a ddition to a power ful customizable visualization software, the Intelligent Conference LED Screen products offer industry's best solutions for meeting spaces, auditoriums, high-end retail display boards, boardrooms, control and command centers
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