This product is strongly resistant to moisture. It will not be affected by water which will provide fertile grounds for germs and molds.

Screen dimension:

The screen size is 3.84m*6.92m.

Installation location:

Beginning of Dec 2020 At South Africa, Sky Hotel. 10 meters in height on the wall.


OOHmedia series

Project Overview:

This DOOH Billboard project collaboration started in March 2019 and then finally confirmed in Sep 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. During the period, we had a lot of communication on the quotation, cabinet drawing, architecture drawing, installation way maintenance solution, and environmental evaluation.

OOHmedia is a perfect choice for the Sky Hotel project. Because its lightweight design can be mounted directly onto the wall via pieces of square tube bars. It is full front service as there is no space to build a catwalk. So installation and maintenance have to be on its front side.

During the Order review meeting, we decided to use a cathode power supplying mode which is energy-saving technology, even if it adds 100 dollars more on top of the confirmed rate per square meter. As we want to offer the most stable solution to the customer to leave him peace of mind.

This requests us to design a new PCB, energy-saving driving IC ICN2159, and 2.8V power supply for a red chip and 3.8 supply for a green and blue chip. It saves more than 30% power consumption than a standard outdoor screen.