iDisplayled designed and mounted 63pcs of P2.5 taxi top led display in Malaysia.

Mobile LED Displays, the symbol of the new transmitter in mobile media field,

Your ads would through the crowds, spreading everyone, everywhere,

Its revolutionary design makes it anti-shock, anti-crash processing

PH2.5mm outdoor taxi-top led screen

Display size, 960*320m*

resolution 384*128

Brightness: 4700nits

Quantity, 63pcs

Module size 320*320mm


With total weight 15kg per unit, durable enough for outdoor use

1200-5000cd/m2 brightness with low power consumption.

Ensure its operability and safety

Change ADs by location, such as show KFC video when taxi led sign arrive KFC shop

USB/RJ45/Wi-Fi/4G are optional

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