Installation location:
Theater in Germany.

During the communication, we understand this project is for a tender, and specifications including pixel pitch, module dimension, and cabinet design are specially specified. P3.73 in module size 224*224mm is not a regular product that we need to customize.

We got an order from Jan 2017 with a lead time of 60 days. But the Chinese New Year holiday takes 15 days, which is to say we only have 45days to finalize everything including PCB design, mask & shell design, module proofing, cabinet proofing, applying for TUV, product manufacturing, and testing. It is very tight and the team had been under big pressure because 45days only for feasible solutions at one time, we have no time to lose, and no way to make mistake.

We had a meeting every 2 days to make sure the procedure is working correctly without any delay. Luckily we had worked out everything and delivered on time. This project taught us to work responsibly and act fast to earn customers’ trust and we’d like to enhance our partner’s reputation and strength.

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