Screen dimension: 11.25*4m

Screen dimension: 25pcs of 1000*250mm

Installation location: experience hall background wall and elevator

Installation time: Aug, 2020.

This project design concept started in March and the end-user had been looking for solutions for months and have not been satisfied.

Finally, our dealer in Spain had approached this customer from Germany and brings them the solution of Gshelf.

Gshelf matches very well for this Germany project.

Gshelf is a die-casting cabinet with 2 standard options 750*250mm and 1000*250mm.

So 2 cabinet assembled together to match the screen dimension of both projects and without any additional custom cost.

And it is a 40mm thickness panel which can cover the wall and elevator very well and makes it looks just like one piece of art

when it’s turned on.

As the end-user had no knowledge about led digital signage, we offered them the solutions of P1.9, P2.6, P3.91 for comparison.

And they finally chose P3.91 and we offered them a sample panel of P1.9 for reference.

It is a happy start for our cooperation and we hope this good relationship will be continued.