For the hotel lobby signage project,  we use the solution: Gshelf series pixel pitch 3.91.

Gshelf available pixel pitch : P1.9/P2.6/P2.9/P3.9/P4.8.

Main Features

Slim and light: 4cm thickness and 5.5kg cabinet

Better flatness & alignment: Die-casting aluminum

Unique and Smarter Design Sink painted in black to make sure there is no white  background between 2 modules.

3+4 Era

2 size of cabinet to make various dimensions of led display 3+4 Era3 750mm 250mm 1000mm 250mm Vertical, 1pc module in height can make any times of moudule height Horizontal, 3+3=6, 3+4=7, 4+4=8, 3+3+3=9, 3+3+4=10, 3+4+4=11, 4+4+4=12pcs……. Keep stock to meet various needs of dimensions for retail application

Installation Way

Wall mounted

Flat mounting on wall with structure free


2 round ring on top level cabinets, reomable

Maintenance Way 

Module and all the parts front accessible

Application inspiration

Retail Applications

Video wall 

To display the logo or advertisement  as much as you want.


Seamless panel make seamless column

Art wall panel

No limits to the design

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