The P2.5 i-flex module series size is 240mm*120mm, good flexibility, arbitrarily bendable, flexible LED display module, ingeniously invented and designed from the concept of soft light bar combined with high construction efficiency; flexibility The LED display module can splice curved screens, cylinders, curved screens and other displays according to needs, which is a technological improvement with outstanding features and display progress.


1.The most stable and soft led flexible panel. 4 modules to make one column (min diameter<0.3m)

2.Even distributed magnet are designed to make sure the module can be smoothly assembled on structure. It also balances module strength when it bents.

3.Module with location pin, seamless & easy assembly.

4.Full flexible PCB and silicon material on PCB real side.

5.Full front service


1.Slim and light
One of the most thin & light LED module in the world with
special material and advanced technology
Thickness with magnet: 8mm
Weight: 380g/panel

2.Seamless & easy assembly

Module with location pin,

seamless & easy assembly

3.Better alignment

Even distributed magnet to make sure

all modules are smoothly assembled on


And also it will balance module strength

when it bent.