HD performance Small Pitch LED Display Screen
small pitch led screen

1. Seamless stitching

The splicing large screen display technology can never avoid the impact of physical borders when maximizing customer needs. Even if the ultra-narrow edge DID professional LCD screen still has very obvious stitching seams. Only the led display screen makes the stitching seams reach seamless requirements.

2. High grayscale and better color performance.

Even if the grayscale performance of the display is almost perfect at low brightness, the picture layering and brightness displayed are higher than the traditional display screen, which can show more image details.

3. Higher refresh rate

The higher the number of scans, the higher the refresh rate, and the better the stability of the image (picture) displayed. The lower the refresh frequency, the more flickering and jittering the image will be, and the faster the eyes are tired. Under high refresh, the LED small spacing screen has a stable intake screen, no corrugated black screen, clear edges of the image, and accurately restore the real information of the image.

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