Have you watched the movie Mandalorian or Star Wars?

if yes, you already experienced the XR technology even if you do not know what is it.

What is XR technology?

It’s a combination of AR, VR, and MR. XR delivers an experience of mixing the feast of reality and illusion. Meanwhile, it is a great technology that saves a lot of cost of movie filming.

Why is that?

XR technology helps the film team to shorten the shooting time by preparing some scenes and materials before filming. In that case, you do not have to have a lot of post-processing work.

Traditional filming needs to be spent a lot of post-processing work as it uses a green screen as background. The green screen is in highly reflective material and when you do post processing, the editor needs to process every frame accordingly which is a lot of time-consuming and extremely expensive. Meanwhile, actors have to perform accordingly to their imagination and the interactive experience is poor; If the camera is in motion shooting, the background of the screen will also have corresponding motion and displacement. The green screen and blue screen are monotonous and consistent in color, they are in lack depth color space, which often fails to provide accurate camera movement information for subsequent synthesis.

It is a technology that will be popular in the near future.

Since the pandemic of cov-19, many governments had announced people assembly limits, and also a lot of countries had traffic control between countries and even cities, therefore, a lot of events had been delayed or canceled. However, XR technology applications have attracted a lot of attention in more and more movie filming, events, or parties.

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