Small Pitch Led Display

1. The first area is the professional indoor large screen display market.

In the field of command, control, monitoring, video conferencing, studio and other professional indoor large-screen display applications, small pitch LED display is expected to replace DLP rear projection, LCD plasma splicing technology, projection and projection fusion technology and other mainstream technology.

It is estimated that the potential global market of small pitch LED display will over 20 billion in this application area.

2. The second area is business meeting and education.

Business conference display areas include large-scale meetings and small meetings, the former like the parliamentary meeting, hotels, large meeting room of enterprises and institutions and other conference venues; the latter mainly refers to small meeting rooms holding dozens.

The application field of education is from the primary classroom to the university ladder classroom, and the classroom whose number of students in each of them varies from dozens to as many as hundreds.

These areas currently primarily use projection technology to display the required date, and it is believed that the global effective market space of small pitch LED display in this area can be more than 300 million.

3. The third area is high-end home TV market.

Limited by the LCD TV technology, not only does the current 110-inch large-screen high-end home TV exist technology gaps, but also the projection technology is difficult to meet the high-end users’ viewing requirements, so the small pitch LED display technology is expected to achieve brilliant results in this field. And it is estimated that the global effective market space of small pitch LED display technology will reach more than 60 billion.

4.The fourth area is the potential market of ordinary indoor large-screen display, cinema and theater.

With the price fall of small pitch LED display, it is gradually used to some common indoor display area that adopts large pitch LED screens to display advertising and information before. In addition, the standard cinema and non-standard auditorium is also trying to use small pitch LED display technology. The global potential markets of these is expected to reach 10 billion.

In a word, the small-pitch LED large-screen display system can not only meet the needs of the entire system’s dynamic supervision of a variety of monitoring display, but also can display and analysis different kinds of signals from computer, camera, DVD video, network and others in real time. In addition, the special advantages of small pitch LED display on brightness, consumption, life span, colour and other aspects indicates that small pitch LED display will dominate the markets within the four areas.

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