LED screens are no longer limited to only homes and offices. They are now also being used in different ways that weren’t previously imagined. One such use that has gained traction in recent years is LED displays for advertising. LED displays for advertising are quite effective in building brand awareness and attracting potential customers, which is why LED advertising displays are popularized around the globe.

In case you are still wondering about LED displays for advertising, in this article, we will help you figure out their functions and applications. And finally, the best product will be recommended to you.

The Primary Functions of LED Displays for Advertising

LED displays for advertising wouldn’t have been so popular without their functionality. The following bullet points enlist two significant functions of LED displays for advertising:

● LED displays for advertising are great choices for attracting your potential buyers. Their capability to deliver messages in a highly attractive way makes them a great means to attract potential buyers of your brand.

● The second irreplaceable function is that they improve the brand’s reputation among the masses. By showing alluring videos or pictures of the company, the LED advertising screen is capable of enhancing brand awareness.

Popular Applications of LED Displays for Advertising

Apart from various functions, LED displays for advertising are widely used in many places and occasions. For example, we can see LED displays for advertising in bus stations, streets, gas stations, scenic spots, and various entrances. People use LED displays for advertising not only to guide customers but also to convey vital information.

As LED displays for advertising are usually used outdoors, it is essential to find high-quality products which are suitable for different conditions. Here we want to recommend the product from iDisplay, an expert in LED displays for advertising. We at iDisplay have recently unveiled OOHPoster outdoor LED displays after a rigorous phase of development and testing.

10 Reasons to Choose iDisplay Outdoor LED Displays for Advertising

Compared with other LED displays for advertising, the OOHPoster has several enhancements, making it distinct from the others in the industry. The followings are the superior merits of the iDisplay OOHPoster:

1. Unique Design

The special designs enable the OOHPoster LED display suitable in different environments. These unique designs include the following aspects:

● Anti-Broken

We at iDisplay use tempered glass to protect the product from being broken.

● Waterproof

The thick rubber insulation seals provide exceptional water resistance to the LED screen packed inside. For the front and back frame, we use IP65 to guarantee to waterproof.

● Heat Dissipation

We use aluminum cases and modular designs to enhance heat dissipation. The aluminum case has the inherent capability to dissipate heat, and the modular design gets rid of the remaining heat.

● Single-Sided and Double-Sided Display

iDisplay OOHPoster is available both in single and double-sided displays thanks to our own patented technology. This optional feature makes OOHPoster display a great choice for a variety of businesses.

2. Flexible Sizes

The great thing about the iDisplay OOHPoster is its availability in different sizes. We provide you with different display sizes and cabinet sizes. Not only that, the customized shape is available on our side, which makes our product compatible to be used in various places.

3. Appealing Appearance

The OOHPoster outdoor fixed LED display has a modern and elegant appearance. The fully sealed and sleek design enhance the beauty of the product. The hidden mounting system perfectly complements the overall design profile while ensuring maximum protection.

4. Higher Brightness

With a peak brightness of over 8,000 candelas per meter square and a rich pixel quality, OOHPoster LED systems are sure to capture the sights of your target audience from a long distance.

5. Rich Pixel Pitch

We provide you with various pixel pitches for different models, while others support a few pixel pitches. No matter which size of OOHPoster you have opted for, our rich pixel pitch ensures maximum clarity.

6. Easy to Install and Maintain

Our OOHPoster LED display aims to bring convenience to our customers. It is designed to maximize the ease of installation wherever you want. Also, the retractable front screen makes it easier to maintain the overall system.

7. Automatic Controls

The 4G and Wi-Fi systems are integrated with every model, allowing the operator to easily switch and control the screen’s content.

8. Lower Power Consumption

The power consumption is rated at 1.4kWh, which is excellent for an LED screen of a large magnitude and rich quality. The upcoming models are expected to cut this power requirement by nearly 60% to 0.8kWh.

9. Wide application scenarios

Display OOHposter is specially designed for outdoor fixed LED displays and can be applied to Bus stops, street posters, gas stations, scenic spots and other scenes, as well as various entrances, including resorts and casinos, museums, and banks.

10. Value of Money

The long array of features mentioned above warrants a significant price increase, but we have kept the price of OOHPoster LEDs quite competitive. The affordable price tag will allow you to save time and deliver your message to your customers through our products as soon as possible.

About iDisplay

iDisplay, a premier LED screen manufacturer, has been catering to the needs of users. The main reason behind our achievement and popularity is our intensive focus on research and development, allowing us to innovate our product line-up at lightning-fast speed. The OOHPoster LED display is a perfect example of this claim, which is equipped with several new features to make LED screens more viable for commercial usage. We are constantly dedicated to bringing convenience and profits to our customers with the best services.

Thus, if you are enthusiastic about our products, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime. And our overseas sales team is ready to assist you with your purchase and after-sales needs.

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