What is LED Banner Display ?

The LED banner display is a multifunctional digital advertising element that can be installed anywhere in the store. It can be installed on the door lintel or behind the glass to help passers-by easily find the store, when they look up or wander around. It can also be installed on the wall to help everyone who walks into the store fast get promotions or understand the brand story.

The LED banner display easily makes the wall stand out, which is more attractive to potential customers and engage with them. It can display high-resolution videos, logos, promotions, sales and whatever you want.

They come in different sizes and can be made into long strips, rectangles, squares and even columns, and are specially designed to be installed and repaired on the front of the wall.

For brand stores, this is a very low-cost investment, but it can provide you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your business identity.

Banner LED Displays

Digital Banner

LED Poster Indoor

display standee

slim and lightweight

Digital Banner

LED Poster Outdoor

display standee


Scrolling Banner

LED Ticker

LED Scrolling Sign

scrolling message

Storefront LED Display

Digital Advertising

Eye Catching

visual interaction

Custom Your Banner LED Displays

Advantages of LED Banner Signage

Show all video formats

Our system supports multiple formats and files: AVI, JPEG, MPEG, MOV, MP4, GIF, FLV. Our bright LED banners have a small pixel pitch to ensure excellent resolution. Play high-quality full-color videos, photos, texts, etc. In addition, you can also display interesting additional content: weather forecasts, local news, etc.

Make your shop stand out

We know that displaying videos, pictures, and dynamic content to convey sales and promotional messages is a basic step in developing a reliable advertising strategy, and it will draw a lot of attention to your business.

Our LED banners provide great brightness, and they stand out even among other LED signs.

We have developed the best LED digital signage for the commercial sector. Get ready to surprise your customers by announcing products and sales on your bright sign.

Provide an unforgettable shopping experience

Let us enjoy shopping again! Immersive digital signage connects shoppers with your brand, and creates a lasting impression.

Screens can help shoppers learn more about products and brand stories, and compare products, blurring the boundaries between online and physical stores.

Stay ahead of the competition

Technology is always evolving, so why invest heavily in a solution with a limited lifespan like a common decoration? Our digital signage as a service platform allows you to migrate to new technologies quickly and seamlessly without significant upfront costs.

This improved agility can help you keep up with shoppers’ expectations and make your store look (and feel) on the cutting edge.

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