Corporate Events

Companies are increasingly turning to XR as a new way to address problems around distance. Virtual meetings, conventions, and even product launches can create a much more engaging experience for the participants, immersing them into the brand and ethos of the organizer.


XR can immerse students into realistic scenarios, enabling more hands-on learning in a stimulating virtual environment.


XR provides an opportunity for less crew, less travel, and less time on set. In post-production, virtual production LED walls provide a quicker, easier, and higher-quality alternative to green screens, reducing the production cycle and allowing more creative visual decisions to be made on set in real-time.


In a studio setting, VFX LED screens to deliver crisp, high-res content and lighting in real-time, all captured in-camera, creating an environment presenters can visually interact with, making them feel more confident on camera.

Live Music

Artists can use XR LED wall to perform a live music video, using generative content engines to create and render limitless possibilities for the video narrative in real-time, transporting viewers to a world beyond the physical unreal LED walls.


Virtual set LED walls to produce real reflections and shadows of the subjects in front of them, otherwise difficult and expensive to recreate in post-production. Performers and presenters can see the CG content so they can interact with it more naturally.

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