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The iDisplay LED display manufacturer was established in 2014 and is located in Shenzhen, China. We are committed to designing and manufacturing LED displays for chain stores, shopping malls, theaters, museums, exhibition walls, immersive experience halls, hotels, transportation hubs, meeting rooms, and other commercial fields. At the same time, we have rich experience in ODM and OEM.

iDisplay is a commercial LED display board solution provider focusing on overseas markets, especially European and American markets. 100% of iDisplay screens are exported overseas, and 90% are exported to Europe. iDisplay products are mainly for retail applications. Conventional led display products to include outdoor vertical OOHposter, outdoor front desk service lightweight screen OOHmedia, outdoor traffic sign VMS, indoor vertical poster, indoor fixed screen Gshelf, conference screen iConference, soft screen iFlex.

iDisplay has a wealth of experience and a professional team that can provide you with flexible LED display solutions:

20+ Engineer / 20+ Years LED Display Experience / 10+ patents / 6+ software copyright


2014, Factory established with assembly line only

2015, with a Full manufacture line including SMT and assembly line

2016, Win the bid of Rolex fine pixel pitch led screen

2017, Attend ISA and ISE exhibition

2018, Establish overseas sales team

2019, Oversea sales value more than 12 million

2020, Export to more than 18 countries.

We have a passion for led display industries and all LOT terminals might need a led display which is a huge market. The led display avenue market scale will reach more than hundreds of billions in the future 10 years.And the only mini led and micro led market share will be up to 20 billion dollars by 2025. And a lot of big players like BOE, Huawei, Dahua and Hikvision had joined this industry.


EMC / ROHS / BIS certificate / Patents

Company culture

Business Strategy:

● Strict quality control is our passport to market.

● Peace in mind& considerate service is our most important priority

● Mutually beneficial interaction is our goal

Management Philosophy:

● Sincerity

● Teamwork

● Work with happiness

● Enthusiasm

Operational Objectives:

● Customer Satisfaction

● Quality First

● Efficient and Effective

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